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With your family physician. This is the Roe Conn show us we've got Brian Newnan here filling for row and Richard Roeper here. And we're going to talk about the Grinch. I have to say, though, you've got you read your review as well. And the sun ties because you did this really just amazing like Limerick style takeoff. Dr Seuss's only the way you did it to doctors. Heretofore found seventy Ryan Cumberbatch. Somehow, I thought Brian would appreciate this. I kind of worked in a dad joke where I got green eggs and ham. Also. It's beautiful. The trick for the two and I'll get my credit. My editors the credit at the sun times. And the syndicate editors, you know, there's always a chance are gonna go. That's really cute whereas the review, but what I did is I sent it just before deadline, and then I just kind of myself off the register. You liked it? So thanks for that. So let's talk about the Grinch guys. Now as everybody knows that they started off as a children's book from the great Dr Seuss that came out in one thousand nine hundred fifty four I want to say right around there became a huge huge. Maybe fifty seven fifty seven. According to your story, and as you know to this day is a perennial bestseller. And then about ten years later was the famous television special behalf, our special with the great Boris Karloff. As as Frank was, of course, Frankenstein's monster, and he's the Grinch, and then the, you know, the famous song, you're a mean one Mr. Grinch foul Granddad which to this day. I think disastrously right up there with Rudolph the red frosty and Charlie Brown Christmas. Like, those the original Grinch cartoon, there's something wrong with just. And that's the thing. It was about twenty four minutes with commercials half hour, and that's all the Grinch really needs to be the same way. So then in the year two thousand in the year two thousand the Ron Howard tried to do a live action version of the Grinch with Jim Carey, and it made a lot of money. But I didn't think it worked at all. I didn't like it and all every time because my wife and daughter watching every all I can think of is how much vacillation lean is on the length when the shoe Christine berets God. I suppose it pulled me out. Pulls me out every year. And you know, the cuteness of the residents of whoville. They look like crazy zombie freaks with the makeup when you put it on live actors, right? Some people. Yeah, they look like possum people. So now, the there's an animated version called the Grinch. That's coming into theaters this weekend Benedict Cumberbatch is the Grinch ferrall is the narrator. Oh because he's happy. Here's happy to do it and Rashida Jones plays. You know, the mom the mom who and it's the same story. But I, you know, here's the thing. Once again, we're reminded that it's really a half hour stories turned into an hour and a half and kind of jazz it up with, you know, the Grinch now has all kinds of doodads and cool gadgets to steal the toys and stuff and lots of slapstick action. The dog. He's got the little dog. Cutest can be Mexico is. But the other thing is they kind of from the very beginning. There's so much of the psychological stuff about how the poor grades was a lonely orphan really early on. So it's as if you know in the first five minutes of a Christmas. Carol Ebenezer Scrooge said, but if only I had love it when they learned to love that away. Is never really a mean mean grinches more just said sat Grinch and he just wants to take away Christmas because when he was an orphan Grange. So I think that MRs and then yeah, they just two stars like it because they stretched it to ninety minutes. And it's just it's it's the same story about that making films. You have to be at least so many minutes the enemy films at least eighty minutes eighty two an hour and a half their mostly they're usually shorter than live action. But it's still stretch too much in a lot of slapstick lot wacky chases where the sled guide loose. This is all computer. For me that that throat. Great. That's actually a great point. There's something about and, you know, all kinds of tricks and techniques are used, but a lot of animated films in some ways are really directed in shot like real films, and then there's all kinds of animated process when it's just made on a computer. It has that look. Yes, it feels cold and chilly. I mean, the animation is good. But you know, sometimes you see some of these films like frozen and some of these other even Toy Story, which is also computer animation. But they're so rich in theon mental. Like those ones you'd find at the dollar. You're absolutely. It's a very that's a very good point. And when you see on the big screen, you can see the difference between that and when we when we're gonna get frozen to or like earlier this year, the incredible that are just so rich and three dimensional even if they're not in three d so that's disappointing as well. Other things said it's probably gonna make seventy million dollars. And it is going to be listen kid has already seen the billboards, and the you know, the things on the there's a lotta giggles for five year olds in this movie. I mean, that's one thing you'd have to worry about it's not menacing at all. There's nothing really dark there, and it's silly enough. And you can get your you can get your name. On naptime. Pointing that they keep trying to do this. And it's like, you know, just do me do this at least and make sure you you watch you watch the animated special. All right. Richard good to see you reviews. Sponsored by architect. We've got judy's news coming up in two minutes. ESPN? Plus, how's your.

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