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Know it, it's definitely It's very nice, and and it's humbling, to be honored, that way But Going to let it change who I. Am I'm still gonna go out here every single day and bust my tail for these players for these coaches for this organization and and I don't want it. To I don't want it to steer me in a down a path that I don't want to go down because, I've I've seen it too many. Times you see it every single. Day how situations like this can can change, people and I don't want it to do. That I wanna stay completely grounded in, humble and and I'm very honored obviously for Mr. Laurie to Howie Roseman to to trust me enough to have this, extension and but, listen I'm here for these players and coaches and and roll up my sleeves every single day and and you, know work to win win another Super. Bowl I don't have to tell you that the gift that you and your team gave to this, city less February will never go. Away it'll be with us for the rest of our lives and you'll never have to buy a meal in this. Town I tell you it's so. Special it's a. Special we've had to open practices and over seventy five eighty thousand fans into two, practices So it just goes, to show us as players and. Coaches and and people that work for the organization how special it really meant to this city well Doug thank you. I'm looking forward to get in. To talk to. You after each of your eagles wins 'cause it's all wins this year all Russia What team I guess you. Would afford But Doug thank you so much for being a part of our show and are giving us such straight answers. For the years, that you've been here I appreciate Angelo. And you know it just it might, I guess, the last thing is just you know we do, a lot of this for the fans obviously in this city in the passion that this this town has for for the eagles and and it's it's it's fun every Sunday to go into that stadium across the street and just see our fans electricity's not only in the parking lot, and tailgates and and all of that but the electricity in the stadium and. And and that's what it's all about and. That's why we do what we do is? Coaching, more fundamental, starting quarterback you've done well I mean the. Starting quarterback gets a, little more, glamour, what's more fun flat you know honestly I've won a super a, player and I'm now obviously for. Me it was a little more special it's more special. Actually, as, a coach. As a. Coke yeah yeah for sure that's great congratulations to. You and your. Team and good luck. Another great season. Thank you very much Doug, Peterson, head coach. Philadelphia goes, WIP sports six thirty three Let me tell you right now about my friends at, HSS lift I've Italian for yes talk about champions these guys are champions in. Nashville they won the crowd summit award two..

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