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I could read a lot into that statement interesting interesting. Tell me about your mother. No let me tell you about my mother. Tell me in your own words. Only the good things you remember about your mother anyway yes. So let's let's get onto blinky watts. Who is the tracey walter character. Yes i absolutely adore. this is again. It's a ridiculous made up thing. that's completely nonsensical. Totally david lynch type of comedy blinking. Watts is the is the master sound effects technician. Yes but he suffers from fictitional disorder called boseman simplex and i could just say i don't mean they're up to you but could you say how much i love that. Little aside where we have a narrator says blinky. Watts is not blind. he's actions rosen. Simplex actually sees twenty five point six two times as much as we do. King is seeing right now. It would look something like this and then you see like four of toys. Like tribesmen toys. Only oven oven knits and like four versions of the person that is in the room. So you know he's one of those laws statue things. Yeah yeah so. The the problem is is that blinky soundboard has to be the absolute right position all the time because he knows where the switches are just by sort of looking at them way. So if you move it at all he's he's not gonna be able to. He's able to fix it right and they actually telegraphs gag. That happens later because there is a sign on the side of his control panel. Whatever then says you not do not move. This are precisely position for or whatever. Yeah and of course it gets moved during the chaos. Of course you're just live. Tv show right there is. He has an assistant. He's more like the super. He's more like the supervisor. Named mickey he's the guy who tells blinky which buttons to push he tells linking which buttons to push up. there isn't if there was an issue and The smelters juniors carried by the way johnson junior characters and then speaking of sides. We've got a rally in raymond friend as the hurry up twins right who again sight gag. That is funny because it's supposed to be funny because it's because it's unusual but the hurry up. Twins are a pair of conjoined twins who just walk around the set going. Hurry up hurry up and whenever you see them the narrator says hurry up twins it's not their only conjoined because hey they're like two guys. They're wearing a sweater. That fits over both of them. Exactly so what. What actor has like one arm around the waist or something and vice versa. They are twin brothers in real life but they are not conjoined twins. they're just wearing a giant sweater. that that's the gag. Yeah then of course we have irwin. Keyes who play shorty. The stagehand of course. It's a pud because he's a big dude. He's he's huge like seven feet tall right a. He's a. He's very good natured. But you know something risings always going go wrong on. Juries watch is episode involves a rather large bag of pots and pans that he struggles to mold onto at a very important moment so exactly exactly so and then. We got burt shine. Who is just kind of a little worm character actor playing gary. Gary grossman gear the actor. That plays bert shine yet. But here he plays andrew. The the husband of betty's character is right 'cause tonight on the lesser guy show. We have Lister guy show tonight is brought to you by welby snaps dog food gifts. Which there are the dog snaps. The dog refuses to eat so they have to tie string string around his neck and pull him down to the they feed the string through the dog bowl. And then attach it to the dog's collar. So i love the way the roof explains this. She's like yeah so so essentially we we we drag snaps against his will into to the dog ball to make him eat it exactly. So and that's another thing too. Is that every every week. We have a difference sponsor for the list of guys show tonight. It's welby snaps dog food so there's a shot later on that snaps actually vomits up the dog which is so david lynch right. He's all about vomit as we've learned especially in wild at heart it's wet. They'll say you bet if it's dry. Say omar mind if it's powder they'll barked water shelby snaps doctors. We'll play. Thank you very much so this is again back in the golden age of television where commercials were shot on the same sets as the tv show because it was all of online and you would have live to save studio studio. You'd have live tv going on and then off to the side they'd have somebody preparing a commercial. Then you cut over to the commercial which is where you get the dancing chesterfield's or Religious chesterfields where the dancing lucky strikes. I forget dancing cigarette packs things like that so and you would often have the star of your show giving the you know when i was doing the commercial less what. That's what guy does here because there's a a run through for for For miguel fares character buddy by waller so after they do the actual episode. There's they cut to the commercial. And you see guy changing his clothes putting it on a different blazer. Or what have you to do. The commercial accompanied by like four. You know Showgirl types general types in the background. Yes who's who's seeing the dog jingle. And so of course everything goes flawlessly during the rehearsal as soon as we go live everything goes crazy and go sideways. First of all one of the things. That's been happening. Mr macgonagall has been drinking coffee and shaking day. Yes just got coffees like my nurse. My nerves mr mcgonagall. And this is yeah. This is david lynch thing. Here but yeah. He's the producer so he's on the floor and he knows that he's he's all anxious about it so he he's got two cups of coffee one in each head yet any shaking so loud the coffee spills all over the floor the floor of course being a sound stage hardwood floor it it starts to work the hardwood and it kinda comes up right. What like when it goes live. Yeah basically buckles upward and is causes the camera with over in turn sideways nocco and we see russia sideways. Yeah bragging cyprus and during the show we see cuts to the american public watching the show.

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