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Hell are you don't worry about how I am I'm not believe me how are you it was a formality well how are you don't worry about that I could always gonna Friday eve I gotta tell you could be a lot worse well you know this said that I did the more I think about how these two bickering bozos screwed this whole thing up I mean you just said that you use it you opened with the city the feces ridden and all this stuff and but it's still the greatest city in the well right now the city is dead not only is the city dead it's decomposing today's rigor mortis is setting in and right now it's really not the greatest city in the world because it's the greatest city in the world one one Wall Street cooking by the way the stock market is up though but one Broadway is cooking with the restaurants are cooking with the Mets and Yankees are playing right now all that is is one big dirty rotten yes you know find us a dangerous mess the cesspool is what it is and we got two clowns one one as a governor and one is the mayor who who who who don't work together and they were partially responsible for for the lack of action early on meanwhile I mean that I'd give the China Chinese most of the blame their reaction to it was horrible horrible and he we are it was just that was suffering that the consequences just because China did something that was awful does it mean that they could have done something but maybe the Chinese on here I mean if it these are the guys in charge and they continue to bumble this thing I mean look at how I know you guys are sick and tired of hearing I saw some your remarks on Twitter at sid Rosenberg Instagram at sid Rosenberg Facebook said Rosenberg at Bernie and sid on Twitter I know you take the subway every day well yeah I do you know and this subway fight continues to loom you know one guy wants to clean it every couple of days one guy wants a clean it every single night and now the starting a fight over that mind you neither one of these morons takes the subway the blood yo takes in a limb always back and forth to Brooklyn and Cuomo's like five hours north up in buffalo or Albany he's no where near the water to train which I do take every morning but it has become a huge issue because it's filthy it's gross again this morning I got to tell yeah not once but twice you know I almost did get to work on time because not once but twice Bernie I had to switch my cars because it was three or four homeless people laying down sleeping and the stench was so bad threat to run from one point to the next and if I missed out door to door closes I gotta wait twenty five minutes from the train it's unbelievable your kids will between cars I don't like to do that either why now I don't know because I get nervous opened the door about science rickety over there but I mean what kind of new Yorkers you know the one that takes a train every single day I mean the train cars yeah I did that right when I was like that I know what I've been doing that a long time but if you want to smoke cigarettes nine own guns and all that stuff about drink out there all that here is are the governor and mayor of fighting about this now here is all the governor who want realizes of course Saudi central workers and I am one of those always put on I'm not saying we're nearly as important as the doctors and the nurses and nurses and healthcare workers but more important or essential workers his initial call we'll talk about the subway issue this is Andrew Cuomo Matt one any essential worker who shows up and gets on a train should know that that train was disinfected the night before we want them to show up we don't want them to stay home we owe it to them to be able to say the train you ride the bus to ride has been disinfected and his colleagues W. joke off his US citizenship Cuomo to talk about the reason why they could they can disinfect and clean these trains get about every three days it did they do it now every three days.

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