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And it's interesting because the vogel peace talks about ukrainian government official attacking donaldtrump and curve ed colluding with the clinton campaign to make sure hillary win the election folks please do not take my word for any this i don't know can vogeli've seen a few pieces rid he writes for politicojoe which you know i can't stand it is that for reasons of your listener you get it up this is not a conservative says upright part conservative this is not conservativereview is not the dailycallerthis is political they are leftleaning at at best if not far leftleaning at times they wrote the peace which lays out in stunning detail the ukrainian government efforts to help hillaryclinton get elected by providing negative information about trump which they actually did now let me read you a quote again in case you think i'm making this up this is from the can vogel piece it was ukrainian government officials who tried to help hillaryclinton and undermine trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office they also disseminated documents implicating a top trump campaign a top trump campaign aide in corruption now they later rescinded the documents so folks let me get this straight as a liberal you're asking me the fair enough question what got me on facebook you're saying well would you be mad if hillarydidityes the catch you always hillary actually dnatrump didn't do it yet do you understand how that destroys your entire argument so you're your it's a again i it's a very fair question and what people do things like that they're saying to you which ii appreciate if you're a principle guy you would be upset at trump because you know you would be upset if hillary did it so it's the principle not the person it batters bright right there you go that's the premise of the whole thing switch the roles are you still upset and if you switch the roles and you're still upset that means the principles matter to you nottherepublican or democrat label great question i have upset about the trump thing it was politically stupid but the catch about the.

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