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In Olympia. They will leave to assist California crews fighting wildfires in northern California later this morning. Komo's Tammy matassa has the latest. Wall. Three Roche's fires are on a war path through California. Our local firefighters are bracing to join the firefight of their lives. I haven't seen anything as bad as as the footage. I've seen from town. They're talking to some of our old timers. Same thing. Six firefighters and twenty engines from every part of the state are heading to fight the deadly campfire near Chico it wiped out the entire town of paradise. Firefighters say the dry terrain and fast moving infernos present a big challenge different landscape down there. It's a lot drier this time of year where the Santa Ana winds come in. So the winds come a lot faster, which what's kind of fed this this explosive growth plan is for firefighters to stay two weeks or longer which means they'll be there during thanksgiving people to sign up for this job or really dedicated men and women who care a lot about their communities and their neighbors. And they're always first ones that jump into help. When you top of DNR were told about fifteen different fire departments from our area will also be heading. Down to California. This crew leaves at ten AM. Komo's Tammy matassa Seattle Seahawks. Visit the LA Rams at the Coliseum in Los Angeles. But those Rams have other things on their mind. Not so much football. The team had to cancel practice because twenty players and coaches had to evacuate their homes because of those fires near Malibu teams practice facilities in Thousand Oaks, not far from where the hill and Moseley fires are burning later today. The team will practice at the university of southern California and big doings in Auburn. It's the veteran's parade later today. Fifty three years Auburn has paid tribute to our veterans with their annual parade and observance you can start with breakfast at the American Legion. Check out the displays on south division street, or you can stake out your spot for the Veterans Day parade which starts at eleven but usually ends around one thirty because it has more than six thousand people participating Christie Pajaro city of Auburn special events coordinator says there's also the curb competition for people who don't necessarily qualify. For a parade float, but still want to pay tribute and honor our veterans, and so they can set up a display on the side of the parade. Route thanking our veterans and their group can sit together there is also a solemn remembrance with the lighting of the flame at Veterans Memorial park at nine forty five. Art Sanders will be among KOMO team. Members will be there. Ryan Harris, KOMO news. It's thirty four past the hour. Komo AAA traffic every ten minutes on the fours while the.

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