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But JAMES BOND is some would claim JAMES BOND is a title, it's not necessarily a specific person. So the fact that he's been portrayed by so many different people might reveal that he has been killed five or six times. That's true. That's true. That's true. Being a Highlander JAMES BOND kind of thing. Right. Okay. Cool. Well, this was a very interesting battle very well debated on behalf of Ray Ray. This is your first official who would win victory, man. Has it feel it feels like there should be so many more? I feel like I may have even won four or five battles in the time. It took us to do this one. I'm on a winning streak right now is what I'm trying to say. I'm on a winning streak that I don't think we'll ever be snapped. We're looking at Harlem Globetrotters, like level of success in my future. I see so much common going with you. And I have a lot in common with the Harlem Globetrotters, such as we've seen the world were men of culture and grace, and we always win. Did you did you win the very first battle of who would win that you in the hearts and minds of America. Absolutely. Very cool. Okay. So Cedric day cue for a Andrea on the show. Great job is always a mere I agreed with nothing that you said today. But no seriously great job. Again. We have you been part of the team. Oh, well done overall. So Cedric tell people where they can find you at Twitter at Cedric Sutton, also said dot com, very cool. And Ray where can people find you can find me on Twitter at all mighty Ray? And that's where you can hear my musings on life liberty pursuit of happiness. Football many different things, I'm very well rounded person, James Gazzi additional.

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