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High chase great thank you chance I'm sorry chance that's quite alright Hey first and foremost you can hear it in his voice the distance voice was shaking will crack Coley like he was a serving and self for the all powerful and mighty that's what we are we are god fearing conservatives and we use our farms to protect our families and our neighbors that's what we're about I don't believe in killing babies in the third trimester and this is the man that's going to tell me how to live please write a guy who would pay his face black or put on a KKK hood at any point in his life I don't care that it was thirty years ago I'm sorry brother I can't be down with him he was just getting ready to do the moonwalk before his wife almost you know them I know I know the guy is a joke is it absolutely and I want proof that there's some forget about stony he's not even we're here to Spain and his voice how dare you have our loudly on Monday in my account I agree with the previous caller don't spend a nickel not one dime do you get out of the city yeah do it somewhere else and spend a penny and enrichment out one gram no I I understand your sentiment I mean I love Richmond I really do I like to visit it you know I can down there on the weekends but I do not like the leadership I do not like the leadership and the way the state's going and when he gets up there lectures us after what he did after he couldn't even take accountability for what he did he wants to lecture me now sorry brother went into hiding yep are you one more thing Greg when I heard his voice my Fitbit started vibrating I think my heart beat arresting rate went over one forty because you see there was garbage and you know what this is that's why he has no evidence of any level what so ever trying to roll that day of course not he was sent in this up he was sent in this up for weeks this is nothing nothing all right thanks for the call chance chance I appreciate that got a right that way you're not change your chance Earl in Henrico you're on newsradio W. 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A. hello oral Hey are you don a couple friends who are below will be homeland security so they are credible evidence in Charlotte we all thought maybe really new to the area and I hadn't remembered trawlers feel and we did not do anything now we know ninety percent of people showing up it'll be law abiding honestly isn't going to happen KKK Carolina and you're going to have the new law to show up in China great thanks what I want to spend forty two years in the army I want to set a record for you auto serve but defended its second amendment often people just mold smoke which are for the most unpopular well I think coming so dirty more call they'll be anti for there is well you know you'll have all the the bad actors as we call them now a days they'll all be there but you know I think that the people who are showing up would be more than willing to do whatever it took to protect their second amendment rights they definitely don't want to take it away and you know these bills well they're not is stringent as I thought it definitely goes down the slippery slope theory that this now what next because what they'll do is they'll put in these for the laws or these for policies that they're trying to to put in it and put action then we'll have another mass shooting in the say what we couldn't do we didn't go far enough now we have to do this now we got to do this you got some of these senators are members of the house of delegates saying well we're gonna have to go door to door and take your guns of course so we're gonna do that's what people you don't tell free people you're coming to their home to take stuff from that this isn't the feudal middle age of them at the medieval times it's a free country founded on freedom and liberty when I was checking with JD and Reiko JD high Hey Allie going great what's a what I got one break point that obviously the governor doesn't care anything about the constitution or the code of Virginia and I'm not a legal scholar but back in twenty twelve governor make Donald sand H. B. twenty which basically said declaring a state of emergency did not disenfranchise the citizens of Virginia from exercising their second amendment rights phrasing but somewhere along the lines that it did not remove the rights of the citizen Virginia just because somebody cried wolf well I think what they're saying is is well I think number one I'm gonna take your word for because I don't have that but I don't know that a state of emergency is constitutional because there is you would have to bring right in they haven't proven of credible threat to anybody I can't see on that point so yeah there's since you know the like I say is is trance as they are about they don't care about the constitution obviously because the Virginia means nothing in these people and that's where this is coming from okay thank you appreciate the call again it's coming from a place of anger and hatred they don't like you they don't like what you stand for you know this I mean I don't even tell me anything new but it crystallizes your thinking when you see the governor of Virginia who's construes it was had some of his colleagues tell you flat out we're going to take your guns if that's what it takes that's why there's so much push back you don't see stupid inflammatory stuff like that you don't have fifty thousand people on your lawn on Monday screaming and yelling about the second member right pointed so clear they're coming form that's what worries people and nobody trusts the far left because the far left has proven that nothing is out of bounds as far as just natural constitutional rights they'll stop at nothing to strip you of whatever rights they came eight three three eight oh for eleven forty eight three three zero four eleven forty hi Randy you're Chesterfield in your next on news radio WVA high Randy Hey Randy hi with loss Randy all right coming up next anybody else spend time last night with that debate eat it man talk about just a losing proposition for that group of people and you know what the left is starting to figure it out you're listening to the Jeff Katz show Greg Henson in for Jeff Katz on news radio W. 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