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Were there but I bear you no L. will go okay but can I ask a question because you've told the story before USA sort of made it seem like it was a joke but where you really telling him to be quiet now. I'm confused fused doing a bit of a Joe. I think you're doing a bit. I I want to have a successful TV show at any kind of my goal. And he'd been there a while also he was very drunk and it wasn't I'm not a music critic but I don't think they don't think it was his best work. The wheels on the bus ie around Sundance Bahamanian here. Yeah yeah the bill's gone and guess what happens. People get the get to work right and wrong good show. I don't remember if it was a good show. I don't either. Ah Eighth slightly passable show but now I I. You're I will say absolutely fearless Louis. You I remember you not being intimidated by a massive stars and just going right in and were you always way way. Were you like that. In nineteen seventy five dollars. who were you ever a scared pup or do you have any remember of that first show like how scary it was doing being alive show? Will this even work. What if will this? It was very unlike what the show became. Because we had I think three musical lacks or something and you had muppets to think. We had muppets. We had music act. The hit was Chevy in an update. Yeah and the show didn't become the show until you know started getting more like what it was in the lily. Tomlin I think was the first shows seem like one of the shows but George Carlin. I think did to mine long or something. It was like it was like midnight express. Yeah but with more people people always try to point this out to younger. People that are sitting comedy is that nothing is what you think. It was at the beginning and a good example. All of that is watch a simpsons from the first season First of all Dan Castellaneta. Who Does homer his take on homer was that he sounds like he should sound Walter Matthau and so if you watch I H boy? Now come here boy I. I'll get Chu Tao. Well we'd better I mean it's not and the and the pacing is completely different. It's it's it's radically different and I always tell. Tell everybody that nothing you know. People tend to think that everything springs out practically and that never happens. I mean I think a good show is a living thing I know that you know. Lauren has told me that you know people used to say to him. Starting with the second season season well. It's not as good as the first I did. Yeah I they started doing this dead joke probably right away second season. Oh Yeah I guess it's that Arthur Miller or something said that you know. He wrote death of a salesman. And everyone's like Oh my God this is the best thing ever and and then later on hit right his other plays and people would say it's not it's not like you know it's just not death but salesman then finally late in his life people had read something in people would say you know we've been thinking about it death of a salesman. Isn't that good actually. It was really. It's just if you stick around long enough. They'll pick everything apart. I do my podcasts alone. I'm like back in. There's nobody in the studio with me except a climate scientists is on and we're talking about obviously obviously global warming and what we need to do and he gets into the Underdeveloped world the poor countries of the world the Third World countries and when their economies expand that they're going to have to kind of skip a generation of energy. They'RE GONNA have to skip coal hole and go into You know carbon neutral fuel and that kind of thing and I said well how could we just get these these countries not to develop and he didn't laugh he saw okay for example so we had former energy secretary very earnest. I'm laughing and he's on and he's a great guy and he he actually associated all the technical aspects of the Iran nuclear deal. He's a brilliant brilliant guy. He was the head of the physics department at Mit. And and we're we're talking also about climate and We have this discussion about whether natural gas is a transition addition or not. There's controversy about that. And he says it is he says it is and he says I for example. I work with Southern Company. which is this big big utility in the south so I say to him you working for the man and he goes well or the woman? uh-huh maybe didn't know the phrase. That's exactly what happened. I like. He just didn't know the phrase working for the man and and he I I think he's five years older than me or something like that and people five years older than me. No the phrase working for the man yes but I think he was studying physics. He's trying to fix the world he's. Va trying to save our planet from from a global disaster. So he didn't and you're angry that he's not up on his. I'm not angry not angry. I'm just I'm going like I. I really respect him I think he's he's a great a great public servant the great mind and he's a tremendous asset to this country in the world but I just kept making fun of him. I hey can I get you. I know you're over but we can. Yeah we cut. I don't but this guy does okay. So how so chop this up anyway. Yeah okay so so we did. We had to rewrite table. On Thursdays Thursdays we rewrite and The Bush secaucus debate. Now right now and you know for those who don't remember Dukakis. BACCHUS was probably about what five six or something yeah and Bush was like I don't know h w Bush was like six one to a lot in the news is that Dukakis was could he stand on something and and the camps were going back and forth like well. It can be one apple box but it can't be to see you know maybe it can be one step but not a step and a half and they were negotiating. That's was in the news. Were looking for a Joe. You know some way to do this. and Ah we get it from Conan only because he does sound affects right or this sound effect which is a hydraulic lift. Yes yeah so if you look at the the the piece it was Jon. Lovett says Dukakis John Hilarious Dukakis. And he kinda gets behind the podium uh-huh and you see him like get ready and four. I've ever pitching this in the room. Yeah and then the then it goes up. I can't do you I'm GonNa have you do it. And then it goes to high right but it goes like a a lever and Yeah I know he doesn't have somebody else is doing it but he is. He played it so beautifully because he is trying fine not to to caucus trying not to react but he goes up. He's being humiliated trying so what I did in the room. It was just like well. What if he gets behind the podium and then you just hear grinding like an elevator or something because I and was doing that? Copy that day. That was a day where I used to go back to my apartment which was in Williamsburg Aymesburg Brooklyn and this is eighty eight and this is back when you I again. Things are not what they were you. Brooklyn in nineteen eighty. The eight was a scary place to live high to the crack epidemic it's not the Williamsburg of today where there's just. Why did you live there? I know it was less expensive. Yes let's say I didn't the only thing that also I had not lived really in New York before I was coming from Los Angeles where I started my career and I didn't know and so I had a friend this woman. Lynette Cortez who over the phone. I said I just need to find a place to live in New York I just got hired Senate live and she said come live I have an extra I live in a townhouse. And there's there's a room here that you could have and I live in Williamsburg.

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