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Well before we get into the funnies I I don't know if you saw this but you know with everyone out of work and even some healthcare practitioners are working here about the woman who was rocked by an unemployed acupuncturist yeah she was stabbed more than a hundred sixty seven times but then she felt also the next day so I'd I'd like to be robbed by unemployed acupuncturist okay with all the businesses closing a lot of them you know why the massage therapist had to close up his shop well he kept rubbing people the wrong way here's some humor based in reality Daniel Tosh says I hope we find a cure for every major disease because I'm tired of walking five case you know things like every disease has its own walk or run to raise money for research right that's true run for the cure or walk for heart disease again it's just a few quick ones and I'm not ready production is coming right up for inventions we need right now car wash blowers at the gym shower exit about a thousand horsepower jet Lawrence a healthy hygienic way to dry no germ laden tells there or fitted sheets with directional arrows that's one of my pet peeves I just recently bought actually a set of sprite straight sheets so that I know which which way they went on to that express how bout this one an invention express lane at the doctor's office with a five minute buzzer goes off you know you're done that even if you're bleeding or even if the bleeding doesn't and finally highbeam brake lights for the for the jerk on your tail you know it I I always thought I'd have a beer on the out of my back window so that if somebody had their high beams so they could start right back to them all right that's it for the funny bone pharmacy when we come back we'll have someone who would fit to me there were food safety on the menu slowdown David are.

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