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He's divorced. He has no kids. He has a history of high P ece and prostatitis, But he's not here for prostate his eye history. Hi, p ece. He's been in medications, but he never got a biopsy. And well, we'll talk about that in a minute. Or what did he come for? If you didn't come for the prostate? What did he come for? Well, it came for a melanoma. Melanoma is a skin cancer, one of the most vicious skin cancers. And we treat many, many, many, many, many skin cancers here. We talk about it every day. Why do we talk about it? Because there's three million Americans who have skin cancer number one. For the treatment is very, very, very, very deforming. I see often patients who lose their ear or their nose or even there, I part of their mouth or their hand. Every day. Every day. We're treating patients compared to our work. Most surgeons so often people are sent for. Most surgeons have like the dermatologist, love most or agreements. Very expensive, So it's great, maybe for the dermatologist, but it's a lousy often for the patient, and we're here for the patient member. As I said, before, I went to medical school for the patient. I did not go to medical school for the surgeon. So the chemo industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the hospitals Went to medical school for Patient help each patient. We'll spend it Alicia this back and he had a big excision and the whole wound broke down. It's like a mess when the wound breaks down and heels was called by secondary intention where the skin slowly heals in rather than the surgeon closes with future. They went to a big hospital. They removed the melanoma. The wound broke down and he ODed and left this ugly scar. He doesn't care about that. He doesn't care about that at all. And yet, then the cancer traveled to the arm pit to the ex L A. The left armpit them cancer was on this left back. He had a wide excision, which means a wide area of his body was removed by the surgeon. And that they didn't help the cancer traveled to the arm pit. He had a biopsy for this massive size of Ah, Palm is a massive size of a plum in his armpit. That's a melanoma that had traveled from his back. This is a metastatic melanoma to the armpit. He's been on immunotherapy spit on four cycles of immunotherapy has been in Europe Boy. And well, he said. Side effects He is rash over body is Kitten is upset his body's upset. His bowels are upset. And he just can't take the Immunotherapy anymore. Many people they all immunotherapy, so easy is like putting a key and a lock. Well, the lock is a pretty big lock with a whole skin is reacting and he can't eat these Not such a bowel upset and skin upset. He's lost weight. He's lost £35. He's gone. From 2 35 to £200. He's 6 ft. Tosses a big man's ex smoker and, well, he has this melanoma and insurgents are seeing him about removing the Live, noted this armpit and members how surgery was for the back, and the surgery didn't work on the back. It's surgery on the melanoma on his backside with a wide excision. And the cancer came reporting in the XLR so the surgery didn't work. He's been on immunotherapy, which is not tolerated. And then he comes to us to ask what about not invasive treatment, and so many people do come? And he was never staged up with all this cancer, the cancer and the armpit cancer in the back and this Abnormal P ece. He had never been staged up. And the first thing we did, even though he's been at one of the biggest hospitals in New York, where the most famous places we get a pet scan. We stage him up. We'll get a P ece. Miss Pearce says Hi. And his pet scans positive What looks like two different diseases. One is the melanoma that's traveled to the armpit. Number two the prostate with lymph node involvement that he's been ignoring or his doctors have been ignoring. I always say it's the doctors could like the doctors have toe educate the patient as to what is the best option Well. He never got a prostate biopsy. Looks like he has prostate cancer, traveled a lymph nodes and melanoma trouble, the lymph nodes and now, of course, he wants to be treated. He's coming here to Dr Liederman. You get the best possible care. This is what we do. Every day at 34, Broadway, Broadway and 38 Street in the heart of New York City. We treat melanoma, which had other skin cancers to squamous cells and melanoma. And basil cells, and why do we treat them when we treat them? Because so many people like the idea of no cutting, no bleeding, not invasive treatment. This is the work that we do every day. So for him, he's already had a biopsy of the mass in the armpit. He wants our treatment for that melanoma. He has not had a biopsy of the prostate. He needs that, and biopsies should be easy and safe and painless. And we will arrange that if he wants, and I believe he wants that, so he wants now to have everything cleared up. Now that he's come here. He's been at these big hospitals for years. Eight years. He's been on concoctions for his prostate, and it's never worked. And I should tell you that concoctions never work and don't waste your time on mega vitamins and animals and ozone and Acupuncture and vitamin C drips. And just don't waste your time. This man has finally come here when the surgery didn't work. When the concoctions of the work when the immunotherapy didn't buy him what he wanted at hand is so poorly tolerated. This is the work that we do every day, seeing patients with cancer every day. What about a 47 year old woman? The pretty young woman. She's single. She has two Children. And she had a mammogram a year ago showed abnormality. They asked for a six month follow up. She did that shit a needle biopsy. She shall have it. Invasive cancer in the left Upper outer quadrant of the breast. Imagine the left breast E upper outer is by the armpit. Shuttling back to me showing invasive cancer measuring nine millimeters five limb frogs were negative. And well, she came here because she understands love back to me is not enough treatment for breast cancer in general. Offer with went back to me. The cancer comes right back where it was before and she was very smart. She is very smart. I should also tell you that is a positive family history. Her mother had breast cancer and her father had prostate cancer. So she came to us after the impact of me triple negative, Not one in chemo, wanting our treatment only and she had our treatment and she is now in remission and the breast looks great and she looks great and she's happy and our treatment is so easy because it's targeted to the breast area. Was no kimono cutting of bleeding. She's now in remission, two ingrate and of course, we follow every patient that we see. We asked for every patient to return for follow up. It is so important to have Diligent. Follow up for every patient. My name's Dr Liederman. You can call us when you want other way. It's always good to have a paper and pencil handy. So please have a paper and pencil handy to write things down. One more thing I want to tell you that is. We're on the radio every day on W O R every day. We're on the.

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