Loewen, President Trump, Real Time discussed on The Ezra Klein Show


We have been talking throughout the campaign and its aftermath really about the possibly of political entanglements but jared kushner has had quite a few loewen's the end um financial ties to russian and russian related investment funds donald trump uh we don't have a full view of his finances but certainly one reason a lot of people suspect he might not want to give us a full view of his finances is is that there might be a lot of russian connections there what do we know here well we know very little and in part because the president hasn't divested from his businesses and he hasn't provided basic transparency into his finances and so that creates a situation which it's impossible to evaluate the conduct he's undertaken in the past and it's actually impossible to evaluate how his personal financial interests might actually be interacting with policy decisions right now in real time certainly there are a series of warning source sort of red flags not all of them are related to russia actually so whenever we talk about the president's businesses i'm sort of the one article that i think was really really stunning this year that got very very little pickup was actually something published in the new yorker by adam davidson that was about a series of a hotel deal that the trump organization undertook in azerbaijan potentially the risk financing i'm connected to the iranian revolutionary guards sort of a series of sanctions violations f cpa the foreign corrupt practices act violations rates who could sort of c o hungary list of hey this sounds like the story of a really corrupt organizations that is operating in ways that it will there's not a plain violation of the law and the way they operate around the world this has kind of all the red flags are here about sort of.

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