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Well, they'll hear call all medicine be tasty yo medicine for talking but Fisher with v. Like, I forgot my final to many mother fucking heavyweight if they're not have a fight right now for nobody to have a fighter down. So the sooner we get this ball movement. The better we can get what we really won't at the end. The to Beth fighting each other, whoever that may be wildly and whatever else is left. All right. Real real quick, though before this is now seems better that we know we're gonna get all these views. So now that we know like Joshua while while they're like what kind of position would have been in. They would have actually said it for April. You know what I'm saying? So like, I dunno. These guys know what they're doing. Super tach. Ronald frankly, says salute TBB, and of course, nest one hundred OJ simp- says it should be on Mars, no corruption there, Jack is the tremendous that can come on guys while the fury's. Life goals doesn't involve getting one up on AJ, Android. Yakima says my fellow Americans if it happened in BK by tickets early you peeps are buying tickets early because because an in blocks they have to purchase flights that is. Right. You know? But you know, listen, some of you lucky patriots will get the second. Get a fight party unnecess-. Crib. You know, I mean. Might be taking a lot of room in my crib. Mom for all type of shit. The we is lower. Swishes shit all over the house. But anyway, let's go out to the phone lines. You know, the number to call in one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one once on shipping.

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