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Take into account. Mercedes incredible job the last two years it's going to be a struggle to to get that. And I guess he's also a function of how much Mansour was more confident that the car then then Ricardo portray you had running a bit closer to the before. So the reason. I put this in instead of the fifteen C., which was really a more refined version. We've got active suspension trashing and trial they experimented with UBS on the fifteen see as well. but luke or I feel that the fourteen be is just a bit cooler. So bringing in the fever facts, a slightly bigger rear ties read five knowledge amounts has helped me out the top are maybe it's a British bias which trying not to get sucked into too often. But for me for me, that is just a very cool car. No Corinne Channel think so as well he's he's at the pleasure of driving in recent times. Yeah. One hundred degree the easel think about Mansell Mania and that sort of Era Formula One and this is the car already the does take all those boxes and bring those memories back and All Bells and whistles basically isn't it is pushing the technical envelop as much as you can where Formula One car and as you said with the regulations subsequently going as they did meant that you could never really have anything like this again, wages kind of the well, let's put absolutely everything we can on there. Really. So yeah, I. Think I think is I think that is just no split itself and I think. On a fever writing I think we've gotTa, we've gotTa talk it up like I think the I would I would agree with your point is the definitive Williams Formula Lanka I would say now still so through goes the fourteen be and I think we may be similarly unanimous about the next car because if we're talking ultimate Formula One cars, the next period of that people talk about especially now because of the engine sounds. The sort of three Liter v ten era. And of see the Mark Ross Brawn Rory, Byrne John. Era. Ferrari and the the ultimate car that. Alex, the F, two, thousand and four, which is just an incredible pace. Okay. Isn't it is particularly keen stock by this I think it might be my favorite for of time just because of you know when I was growing up watching everything on TV and and being a fan of Marcucci at the time and what they did there it just it was the one that is the culmination of everything that secrity Johnson, Ross, brawn repair, and Michael, she everybody they're all comes together. Obviously they've been winning since two thousand and winning very well, two, thousand and three. Ever fight back for McLaren and Williams. You know there's an argument remade communicating could have won that season where we deserve like different Nisi different argument there. But. The F two four comes along and he's just again it's another step more brilliant is ends that run Ferrari bringing in? A carrying on the previous season's car for a few races and then introducing a new one, thousand three whereas thousand and four rock. Australia and it's just it's just the most dominant of the of the. Two thousand as well. Particularly Campaign She Maccabi Yeah Fifteen wins from twenty races. Iconic my question is maybe authorized straight care. How technically advanced? Would you say that compared to the other cause of the era off? It's hard to say because I think it was this is a case of rather than there being anything outlandishly. Technically advanced, but I think it was just. A call that was designed exceedingly. Well, it was. It was. As. You say it was a combination of. The home like I. Think it's about eight years. Since you had the shoe Braun Bun trio join same and if you remember a decade earlier. Ferrari was in absolute disarray before John Talk came aboard. It was an absolutely management shambles and Knicks owner came back as president on talk into crack the whip little bit. And this this was the combination of this was everything they'd worked towards. This was the result of Ross brawn banning like Sats, dello sport from the office because it was too negative about friar this is the culmination of Rossborough moving a engine department. Next to the chassis design department said they could work together. This is the culmination of Rory Byrne having all of these Matt Design ideas pushing that on the outside. IDEA. Just taking on all these ideas and keeping developing them, and obviously the two thousand and three call was so of. It was like a beats version of It had wolf these these aspects, but it wasn't quite refined yet and thousand four all those things refine them pushed the envelope and it was fantastic. And Kirsten can does it take that game changer box that we sort of Alex is kind of hinting with a technical thing. I think we're engineer away is incremental gains in areas. Isn't it a little bit las Mercedes but did think, could you make a case for it's for always relationship with Bridgestone and being able to develop a car and Tyre in unison? In a way you probably to a high degree than any. Anyone else before does that in itself, make a game changer making the tire development very much like making the engine development became it became a thing with working with the manufacturer. Do we think he gets that box ticks? As. A very good point. Yeah. Because that was the big downfall for Ferrari three, two, thousand and three was that they still have this this fluctuating type and the Michelin shelties able to be way ahead on occasion. For really worse than they really everything Olov FM with four carts gallons plays tire. She's and it's idea of saying mental gains. You look what went wrong lassie's and just do everything can't be marginally better in every single area and focus on it, and that's what they did with that car and obviously the relation with breach sign it was it became. became too close I think the lighting of many of. The seeds for the indeed thousand five shambles that we had, and ultimately it's high. Wall then disobey completely come two thousand and seven and it's so I think I, think game changer I think that's a that's a really good way to look at it. I mean in quite mature regulations of still take that box and still find another area they could innovate with that kind of thinking that does work. I'll also make the case on the rating as well. Just because it is it's just it's just bloody cove. Hockenheim last year. For the Grand Prix Schumacher did a show behind the wheel of that and I'd never seen the actually thousand four in the flesh before and I, never heard it before and both those despite this is I really don't mind the sound of the current generation f but you hear that and then just laugh it's amazing. Agree, and actually if you look old, our doesn't really feel that old sixteen years out. The white moves on track there so much lighter. Those cars were used to lower qualifying lap and eat so. Obviously it's very impressive, but he's a big turning speed. It's Kinda big downfall as big power whereas the the frog just looked so much more agile over curbs it's hopping and skipping around and you can see it's when mark she mattress really on it and at one with that, you can see the rotation into a corner. You can't normally see on the television how much is rotating a car but you're actually, county is really quite coin credible and there's actually no way this car is going to sell. Them to the. Definitely. I mean one thing that makes it look less dorm if you look at the qualifying. It was quite often beaten in qualifying. Or run very close and that was the coolest functioned the tires and the regulations the time. But in the race is just an example what Monzo in both Barrichello and she managed to have little moments early on choices CETERA. To them steam pass Jenson Button in the second half of the race been leading like he bites are different. There's a different race and they were second quick and everything else during the course of the race, which is a level of dominance as you say, with such material regulations. Amazing. So the one thousand four definitely goes through as the greatest Ferrari a very great for our team. which rather neatly brings us to the mistake want Mercedes team. Alex is already mentioned the w fife which got the ball rolling in two thousand, fourteen, sixteen wins out of nineteen and I'd like to throw up against the W..

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