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Second. Bob. Our local grocery store has a produce misting system. I use that to wet my fingers. Opening produce bags will be my next full time job for aiding customers. Wet your fingers to separate plastic bags from the mist on the vegetables, not lick your fingers in touch produce. Wet fingers is a great tip for the plastic bags. We have kitchen garbage bags that are impossible open unless your fingers are wet. Between the hand Washington sanitizer. My fingers are very dry. Where is that message? I've got to find this way, and I think it's over here. Hold on a second. Oh, yeah. Here. I love this texting. I installed the train horn on my pickup. When they're in front of me on Facebook and the light changes. I blast them works every time I got to get me one of those train horn 7 18. We'll get extremely local news from Black Club Chicago next And here's the weather right now, pretty much the same as yesterday. Steve just about the same as yesterday. We're seeing a little bit of light snow in flurries out there this morning flurries being reported at midway this hour. A couple of other places around Chicago as well. Looks like we're on our way today to a high of 32 degrees. Make that 34 down to 24 tonight. Back up to 39 tomorrow, clearing overnight Tonight, the clouds come back tomorrow. Right now. In Chicago, 32 officially in O'Hare, the windshields 26 postseason hardware for a couple of northwestern Wildcats than eagerly gets major league status from MLB stand moment, adding a title and a promotion from the Hawks. We're watching a new crash on the tri state North bound approaching the Hinsdale oasis that's blocking the left lane also cruising police trying to clear crash in Downers Grove at 63rd and Woodward. I'm Vicky Jacuzzi in from the I got traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. No one does football like my favorite at Fan Bill Paradise Sports Book this week..

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