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Good morning. I'm Joan Jones and I'm Bruce Allen with the top local stories we're following in this hour. We have more now on the death of former Virginia Senator John Warner. He was a five term Republican representing the state of Virginia from 1979 to 2009. He also Served a secretary of the Navy and we're hearing from former colleagues this morning who remember the longtime senator. He was independent sort. That's former Virginia congressman Tom Davis, telling W. T o p about fellow Republican and former Senator John Warner, I think with the founders wanted, and that was a senator who represented states not represented party and he was just a great spokesman from Virginia Davis says he knew Warner going back to the senator's first election. 1978 more in Washington, D. C. Dr Sun, secretary of the Navy. It just had a broad, broad legacy of of things that he had done in his life. But the pinnacle was career was his service in the U. S Senate 94 year old died of heart failure at his home in Alexandria last night with his wife and daughter at his side, Matt Small w T. O P. News, the Senate's top Democrat, says it's time for D C to become the nation's 51st state and statehood Supporters are trying to build political Momentum for the latest legislation. We get more from W. T. O P S Mitchell Miller from Capitol Hill, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says D C size should not be among the arguments against statehood. The District of Columbia has more residents than in Vermont and Wyoming and nearly the same numbers. Delaware Several Democratic lawmakers stepped forward to argue for D C delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton is Bill which recently passed the House, among them Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, who notes it's been 70 years since the state was admitted. I don't think a fixed number of star It's on the flag sends a message of a growing thriving nation, and I think it might send the message of a nation That's kind of fixed, like Democrats are in a political fix, since no Republican support the bill, which would need to overcome a GOP filibuster on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller w T. O P News, the Democratic race for lieutenant governor of Virginia is the most crowded statewide race right now. All six candidates met for debate last night hosted by ABC seven and Police. Accountability was a main topic. One question. They got a lot of attention should all police in Virginia be required to have body cameras? Exhibitor, Warren said. Yes, many mothers are grieving out there who have lost their sons and daughters that they handle police. We see this and we need to fix it. Delegate.

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