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I always got the feeling that he was in poor is still in or just important to a lot of people still in those people's lives even though he wasn't really a public figure anymore um he does one of my favorite stevie wonder songs they went ikea now i believe he'll sit as as yeah he's done about five pounds it made me guy back and look at the faith tour because faith was this huge turin it was one of the first stage productions that are that that people talked about a lot because it begin ironically now it begins the whole stages a massive cage and the cage opens up and unleashes georgia essentially so the metaphor is it's funny because later on in his life he felt like caged in by success but in this period of his life he was incredibly ambitious like eight minutes that he wanted all of it he wanted the tension he wanted to be the biggest superstar in world he worked with paula abdul she cried graft all of his dancing he'd never had that before he's always just this yes the of answer freespirit sort of a mick jagger thing whatever but if you look at it they never really sit on dvd but if you look at you can find concerts on youtube and it's extraordinary of so the show sort of opens up rents this massive cage and like all the parts of the cage opening in these blinding lights and you see symbols from the faith album that wasn't really video back then but it's like led lights or whatever and then the suddenly this the the shows starts in georgia's on the extreme right hand side of the stage arc on these wing under one spotlight and cisco to misdirect where you are waiting on the stage to see him turn up and then suddenly bond and he's just singing i want you saxony's over on the right and he runs across the stage and he's doing all these sort of highly stylized elvis movements and stuff and people going crazy and the girls again crazy and everybody knows every word of all the even like the album faith he barely does any i think he does on your album cds albums yeah it does i'm your man kayla's whisper and maybe freedom that's it.

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