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Are dedicated to virtual learning. So that uncut on campus teachers can focus on the kids in their classrooms focusing on kids in the classroom whether it's virtual classroom brick and mortar. That's what it's all about. Of course the school year after all. These logistical concerns are addressed someone with that on his mind along with all these parents and educators in the district and around greater houston. Is bob sanborn. He's the president and ceo of children at risk and joins us. Now bob well welcome back to houston matters you michael. Thanks for having me. Are you concerned about kids. Being able to learn the spear amid all the concerns over cove it and potential distractions that come with them. You know usually this is sort of an exciting time for parents right. Sending the kids back to school Being able to go back to work and And i think that this is so unusual right because now parents are worried about the pandemic but on top of that what we found is that virtual learning for most of our kids last year really didn't work right so a lot of kids. Most kids fell significantly behind. And so we have that on top of this. How are we going to catch up and so for apparent. These are difficult choices right. You'd have your health worries. You have to go back to school where he's but. I think it's pretty clear when we look at the data that kids most kids should be in school. The number of kids that have been successful virtually is a pretty small number and so we're going to have to figure out right. I mean we want our kids to be successful. We want them to have this extraordinary academic success. But it didn't happen. Virtually and we have to get back in the classroom. And and i think michael one of the bigger worries of course is are those youngest kids right because we know that high-quality pre k. high-quality kindergarten This is the foundation for for learning and for academic success and so many kids didn't enroll pre-k so many kids aren't coming back At those younger ages because of the worries of the parents do we know how behind many students most students. The typical student is coming back to school this year than they would have been if the pandemic heddon.

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