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Hello. I'm bokram T Swiss I'm champs. I'm Jay, and I'm C one-seat. So in this episode, we're going to be talking about the four languages that. They have in Switzerland three four, exactly. But before we get to that we want to say Hello to everybody. He came to our meet up last week. It was great. That was really nice was small. But really nice has to be said. And big. Thank you to everyone who came and I had a great time. Yeah. We basically asked in our Facebook group, Switzerland English-speakers if you want to check it out if anyone wanted to meet, and then we had to look at. I think would again had the group is really really developing super nicely because people are talking to each other and helping each other, and yeah, it was really nice to see all these people interacting, and then we thought let's meet them. Yeah. Some faces to names. Exactly. Also from the group, by the way, we had a feedback to our last episode. The episode was I think it was about how to make friends since that's exactly and cocoa. She was also at meeting not a meeting or meet up. She was means help meet up so special. Hello from us. She said how to make friends in Switzerland? She wrote in our Facebook group. Sorry forgot to make suggestions on that. But of course, talks that will always be the icebreaker and show commune nullity Joe. But I'll go with it. Okay. I mean, she means probably that you're together. Yeah. Dogs are a great way to break the ice base. And I would agree with that has a person who doesn't have a dog because I often want to destroy other people's Dokes, and then you can't help but get chatting and she says since I have two docks. I now my two friends. So that's great great for her. And I think it's a great advice as well. If you have talks, I think, you're one step ahead. Totally. But don't forget a dog is not just for Christmas. Good. So we had a question actually that came in via our website and also went onto our Facebook group. Yeah. From Ted Greenwood, it's quite interesting. So you must be extremely motivated to come to Switzerland. Because it came through our website. He recorded an audio file for us was really nice what you can do as well. Just make record an audio on your phone, and then send it to us via Email, for example, or you go on our website, Swiss and chips dot com, and then you will see there is a little bit. Yeah. There's a button you can just click and record it straightaway. I so I think just let's play it and hear what his question is a Lou. I am currently living in Canada and wanted to get a working holiday visa to go to Switzerland to meet up with my friend. I was just wondering how hard it is to get a job there. Basically of what I'm looking for it kind of is telling me that I have to play for the job first. And then they have to ask me to come to the country. But I have a friend over there right now. Let's just oh pairing up just wondering if you could just go there with working holiday these on just find a job if that's at all possible. Just what the steps are basically any kind of information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. So that was Ted who left voice message on our website, and he'll say pasted in Facebook group as well. And basically, he's a Canadian he's trying to get a work these Switzerland. And he was wondering if anybody had any advice before trying to apply or any help on finding jobs that he had it's a little bit different from of working holiday visas. Yeah, thing is he as I understood he comes with the friend. So his friend already has a job. They want to move to Switzerland with him. And then in Switzerland look for a job. So. So I think that's quite interesting case and he had loads of replies. From our users there. Yeah. Exactly am well, a couple of people asking a doc- speakers with language dolls French that's going to be extremely helpful in trying to get Japan. Be what kind of experience he has what kind of filled he works. What kind of job he wants to apply?.

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