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Not Sam wrestling, Pat. Buck was my co host and added a major major perspective on that whole thing. But Pat started I mean, he's a wrestler by trade, and he still wrestles super super actively for a lot of different promotions, especially here on the east coast. But pat. He runs a company here on the east, call wrestle pro. And he started you know, he was in WWE's developmental territory. I think Ohio valley way back when and it just didn't pan out for him. And he went knee went on the independence. And it was it was going. Okay. But it didn't quite have that own f- that he thought it needed to have any ended up starting his own promotion. He's also he runs creative pro alongside curt Hawkins, it's their school. But even before that he was running a school there in New Jersey. And I think it's been amazing to watch this guy go because not only has Russell pro been super successful as a local promotion here on the east coast. They had a couple of big big shows over wrestlemainia weekend. They do a lot of business with impact wrestling a lot of talent gets exchanged over there. Wrestle pro is where KM Kevin Matthews came. From Russell pros where followed by came from m j f who's been on the podcast and just sign. Into all elite was trained at create a pro and came from Russell pro tons of guys tons of guys have come through those doors, but I was really really interested. Because Pat made the announcement few months ago that wrestle pro was going to run Alaska now, I didn't know wrestle pro to run anywhere outside the east coast. So for them to just make the big announcement. Hey, we're going to Alaskan. We're bringing Mick Foley with us. I was kind of mind blown by the whole thing. But the show went down this weekend. I was following along with it on several different, Twitter and Instagram accounts of wrestle pro and the people associated with Russell pro. And I just thought it was amazing. I thought it was an amazing thing for wrestling. And I thought it was an amazing thing for these guys to be able to take independent wrestling outside of the city of the town of the state that they're used to performing in and take it way up to the deep deep north Alaska. So literally just got off a plane this week. He just got. Home from this show. So I reached out to them right away. And I said, Pat, I would love to hear about your experience here on the podcast. And I think that the not Samsonite would be fascinated by the whole trip. So we're gonna get into all of it. We're going to get into Alaska. We're gonna get into what the what the what the crowd looked like in terms of how many people were there in terms of how they reacted. We'll talk to Pat about his wrestling career and a whole lot more my guest on not Sam wrestling this week is none other than the buzz killer, Pat, buck, let's get to it. Then not Sam wrestling interview back on not Sam wrestling fresh off of a trip to Alaska. He is the owner the head and a star of Russell pro..

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