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The equity market tumbling to near twelve we close this was after the centers for disease control and prevention said the U. S. should prepare for the corona virus to lead to a significant disruptions in daily life the CDC also set a pandemic is likely to balance that though we heard from fed chair Richard Clarida who said it's still too early to say whether the epidemic will result in a material change to the fed's outlook at the end of the day though it was clear markets voted and that the Dow was down about three point two percent S. and P. giving back three percent nasdaq comp down about to two point eight percent today incidentally the food and drug administration said that it four feet as foresees a medical product shortages as a result of of the epidemic in one stock in particular that was trading very strongly to the upshot aside today was mature enough rallying twenty eight percent that was after the company's experimental vaccine for the corona virus was sent to the National Institute of allergy and infectious disease for a use in the first stage of a clinical trial so we're not even we haven't received approval and the stock was up about twenty eight percent after the bell Bob Eiger but it was announced by Disney that he's going to step down as CEO and he will be replaced by longtime parks chairman Bob shape back that is effective immediately also sales force co CEO Keith Walker is stepping down his departure will put the founder Marc Benioff back at the top of the soft knitwear maker as a sole CEO crude oil in New York down three percent today on concern about how this corona virus outbreak outside China is going to impact global demand right now we're trading fifty eighteen and active WTI in the electronic session many of the airlines were hard hit for a second day on worries about how the virus is going to stymie air travel American Airlines down nine percent today U. S. ten year treasury last quoted in New York at one thirty five Neil terms and right now in Sydney ASX two hundred down nearly one point eight percent all right that's markets global news now from ed Baxter standing.

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