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Bird all right back to the call to go here on a wednesday the devil dot morning good morning i got three things here if i run a time you hold me over at freesheet it first and foremost eagle is talking about the schools a single point entry and how won't work because you have to have multiple exits are schools already used single point entry all the exits are still there they still work but they're locked from the outside so you can't come in you push push the bar just like any other fire door door pops open your the doors stick a camera on it and that way there's someone opens the door front office is immediately alert and they can see if it's being used for purposes or not but the two reasons why a single point entry won't work in most schools or at some point in time is a typical elementary school has a couple of hundred kids middle school has a thousand or better high school can have to four thousand or more well you got all them kids showing up with an hour or each other going through a single point waiting to go through tsa type checkpoint what's to stop somebody from coming up in the parking lot mown down a vehicle or shooting them out in the parking lot or someone showed up early getting high vantage point and sniping everybody from the outside so it doesn't solve it doesn't solve the problem so that's one reason why won't work the second reason why won't work is the aclu all you have to do is google aco you against metal detectors in schools and you'll pick up a half dozen stories where every time the school has tried to do this search bags on the way and install metal detectors the aclu is challenged it on the ground illegal search and seizure over treating innocent kids like big criminals or we're turning our schools into prison lying atmospheres so those are the two reasons why we're going to have problems institute and then again it doesn't solve somebody from conducting attack on the outside of the checkpoint why rose away my second thing i have i really like big ed i i appreciate his knowledge and i.

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