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Hey guys coming thursday march 1st two nbc the national broadcasting company as its colloquially known it's the outrageous new comedy ap bio or advanced placement biology as it's more colloquially known fun packed i don't know what that word means anyways ap bio stars glenn howard tim from always sunny patten oswald from the most recent patten won't stand up special the critics are already calling a p bio laugh out loud funny which critics don't worry about it just the critics are calling it that it is from executive producer seth meyer's more and michaels so i'm gonna trust the critics on this one that is a comedy murderers' row as well as the cast you'd be a full to miss the premier of ap bio that is thursday march 1st on nbc see and streaming now on the nbc app location and we are back so guys i was just kind of over the weekend a lot happened uh sepak was a big thing uh also you had such great seats i'd i'd only sign outside seats i was vip i was at that while fokker v i pee skyboxes ascribe exactly uh i'm storing my lane you're from the thing that i have a crash on uh but yes sepak happened over the weekend and also at trump sent out a really class e fundraising email to people where he was at the bed of a shooting victim from the parkland shooting and fund raising on that basically saying like you know we're having some really important discussions uh and it was shameless absolutely shameless because you know you could connect a lot of doubts that perhaps it was his own administration and the lax gun laws in luck glaxo guncontrol are that's associated with this white house that may have been seen as a cause of this or at least didn't help much uh so it is.

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