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More than five hundred thousand cars in the next twelve months. The forecast is actually made as as as an aside in discussion about where the future value of tesla vehicles. He's going let's look at the oil price sixty three fifty six strong week last week, but trading just a little bit lower this morning off about a half of one percent. Yield on the ten year ahead of trading in Tokyo, two point five six percent. Twelve minutes before the top of the hour to add Baxter in San Francisco who has some of the top stories making headlines. Thank you. Bryan. Curtis Kim Jong shaken up the highest levels of his military. He says he's willing to hold a third summit with Donald Trump while Mr. Trump has tweeted that would be good reportedly Kim has given the US until the end of the year to reach a nuclear deal. UK Prime Minister Theresa may coming under fire from members of her own party. She continues talks with Labour's Jeremy Corbyn saying it's the best solution. Parliament, by the way is in recess until. April. Twenty third though White House says it is serious about the possibility of placing some migrants in sanctuary cities Australia's Great barrier. Reef is near collapse the reef marine park. Thority says the well tells actually the Sydney Morning Herald that if the planet warms by another half degree, it will die and collapse. US house speaker Nancy Pelosi says that William bar attorney general may be whitewashing the Muller report on sixty minutes. She says, quote, he may be whitewashing. But I don't know if he's covering anything up. There's no use having that discussion. All we need to do is see the full Muller report. China says the east coast rail in Malaysia will finish by twenty twenty six and new name and the democratic race for president. It has Pete Buddha chick. Global news twenty four hours a day on the air and a tick tock on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries in San Francisco, I'm Ed Baxter. This is Bloomberg. Bryan, sir. I'm glad we had him say it, and you say it so much now. It's clear. Thank you. Let's. Let's take a look at the media review here from the Wall Street Journal this morning that the US in China. They're trade deal may include some penalties for China. If it manipulates sits currency to boost exports from the F T that the German five G regulators. Sees no reason to exclude hallway from their systems the Sydney Morning Herald says the government will stand by its decision on five G technology despite a Chinese complaint to the World Trade Organization and also in the F T KTAR declares Japan to be its highest priority outside the United States. The co founder of KKR judge Roberts says that he currently feels more comfortable investing in Japan than he does in China. That's a look at the media ten minutes before the top of the hour. Julia to you. Thank you Brian joined from Brisbane now by Caroline gain fit. Principal consultant and a specialist as well. As a mental at K, J, K J is a technology focused strategic advisory. Fin Caroline great to have you with us. So we know that there is a lack of women in stem in engineering construction. AI? Why do you think this is what is dissuading women from entering take careers? If you will. From what I've noticed is that full young women life find that the words I pay or engineering sound quite Dow savvy, and very technology focused that you have to like coating, and they can't really say I've noticed with the young women when you talk to them about the problems that technology can solve as a tow you can see the interest starting to pay. I think it's a way that it's my kid or discussed with them from quite young. I Caroline curious about your story. And how you got to this point in your career. I mean, what's a little bit of the history that that led you to where you are today. Well, I had an unusual. Stop my mother. She wants to be a ballerina and wasn't a great. He wasn't really that focused on education. I think something that could be important. So I really just had curiosity and love business and technology. Nothing full front of pick for two years now. And I for me is like the new technology wave -lution, very similar to what happened weighing Email started all selfish pain out, but it has more profound in my opinion. At petitions that can really help people in society. So just going back to that original point as well. You know, why do you think it is that we need to focus so much on mentoring women to get into this space? Why amend not sort of I guess feeling the same need? I think when you get into get they love working with technology or they love to look at even when you notice young boy, they love to figure out how things work and they can get excited by playing with technology. Young women are told a little bit differently. Like a lot of interested in ballet, or gymnastics or swimming. And we I think we have an unbiased consciousness as parents where we we don't encourage the goes and the same way as we do voice the type of thinking that that is involved really when you work with something like artificial intelligence, does it tend to be more abstract. I believe it does need to it as more abstract. She days a lot of thinking that goes eight she very different to software development and not with. I you do a lot of research and prototyping, and you need you need to really have a look at your data and experiment with it. And look at it and see where it's coming from. And if you don't have a diverse group of people viewing dais, I say, you get all young main come from the same university and not going to notice the gaps in the historic data is much. And if you've got women in in in their gives them the voice, you can start actually questioning what you're looking at 'em. What's actually needed? And that's the point isn't it? It's about diversity across the whole wet full not just in terms of gender. So what sort of things are you doing K J to ensure that we all saying a more diverse, and I guess across multi race old kinds of different backgrounds as well. K? I hate that a policy that we look what we have actually a very does this coach from different ethnicities. We employs many women as we can and main, but it's more about getting diversity thinking. And also when we doing the support and sponsorship for the young women leaders is we talking to other companies like Awa respect university in Deloitte, SUV upon people like that who is very focused and committed to getting more women and technology with false and encouraging internships and graduate program. Even with the discovery of the double helix. I mean, it was Watson and Crick that we're years for years considered to be the major discovers and Rosalind Franklin. The woman who was really involved in sharing some of her early. I guess for tog Affi for lack of a better word. It was really kind of the unsung hero that that contributed to. That discoveries. So to get back to the role of education in all of this. I mean, what can schools be doing to really increase the presence of women not only in artificial intelligence, but in science and technology overall. Be good. If they in schools, if they could bring in external people young women get in talking into the groups of next boys ago, getting them working on projects. And I believe personally that if you can target young people because they're interested a lot of them in solving problems in the world like just heard about great, Barry, whereas creating programs with these problem that they could possibly trying so food technology and getting mean toll from the community the business community to work with the schools to help them develop their ideas food. All right. Great insights. Thanks so much for joining us Carolyn games at principal consultant, a specialist mental at K J, which is a technology focused strategic advisory fem on the line from Brisbane the for us. I just bumped into David Finnity dug in the pantry and he asked me an interesting question. What are you more excited about these developments on Brexit? Oh, Tiger Woods winning them off to you mentioned. Tiger Woods winning the masters in a Nike which has been a huge his sponsor for tiger posted a new ad after he won the opening text. Was it's crazy and really it was very very apropos because woods has you know, has fallen from grace or did through a series of personal scandals going back in the early two thousand shot back to become this year's master champ. He's now got fourteen this is the first one I should say in fourteen years one of the things that was interesting about the video. He's got fifteen major titles. He said in the video is a very very young child that he was going to be. Jack, Nicklaus nNcholas, incidentally has eighteen so he's three away. Very very close. Yeah. He said it's crazy to think a forty three year old who's experienced every time and every is chasing the same jury at the three year old woods for Monday. All right. Brian could pull and take me through the next window. This is a time is running out three northern white rhinos left in the world. But together, we can.

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