Candice Corlette, Covid, Joan Doniger discussed on Meet the Press


Of fashion in stores you may not find them Look at the shelves the racks There's a lot of empty space WSL strategic retail president Candice corlette There may be bits of clothing but you know not the broad selection and sizes and colors Retail chains and specialty stores are still seeing supply chain delays Macy's has been facing shortages of women's shoes and purses as well as toys Foot Locker CEO says ships are still anchored off the California coast Nothing seems to have changed much Other retailers say the problem for them is less about port backups and more about the truck driver shortage corlette says we are seeing a stark effect of the pandemic A lot of people did die during COVID And she says the labor issues are long term I do think that the impact of deaths from COVID and long haul COVID on what we call essential workers has to be factored in around the world Joan doniger Bloomberg radio What is dedication The thing that drives me every day is a dad is very honest We call them day to day for short Every day he's hungry for something whether it's attention affection knowledge And there's this huge responsibility and making sure that when he's no longer under my wing that he's a good person I think the advice I would give is you don't need to know all the answers The craziest thing was believing that your dad knew everything so as a dad you felt like you had to know everything You had to get everything right It's okay to make mistakes As long as it's coming from love then you know it kind of starts to work itself out I want him to be able to.

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