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Into hp anc which got the pc imprinting divisions in hp enterprise which got the business facing stuff wall street viewed age p as eight total door presi was supposed to be dead was it really cares about proves anymore nearly everyone expected this to be a growth challenge company with a solid it it it wasn't the one that people whining they're one and the other more nine sec hp inc is now giving you doubledigit sales and earnings growth with a billion dollars worth of free cash for which a lot of it they returned to shareholders it's the undisputed market share leader in the pc space now controls twenty three percent of the market corn that's huge up one hundred seventy basis points from last year that staggering especially when you consider the personal computer business actually growing it it almost makes you feel like we're back in the nineties when the transfer of contact hewlettpackard bell rule the industry and look this is not some temporary spurt their sustainability eightweek is now deliver five consecutive quarters surrendered with in fact this amazing quarter was up against a tough comparison ten percent from a year ago so that's no mean feat but it's just it's not just about run of the mill person peairs companies putting divisions showing excellent growth hp gaming business where the make they make high in machines power of course by nvidia and designer on the coolest games that bestlooking standing since doing quite well consider these numbers right consumer grow thirteen percent commercial grow sixteen percent rope works 14 percent desktop seven teams that workstations up a weber said wow on top of that there's the three d printing kicker member never were so excited about three d printing wants a business now it's business right here eight piece in full commercial production machines that can do actual cost effective threedimensional model lee manufacturing to that's a twelve trillion dollar market waiting to happen and it's kromah wildfire abuse once you've been making our products by a three d printer it's much cheaper than paying people will do the same thing with oldfashioned tools of course it's not game changer yes there are other players in the space but when it comes to commercial production three d h p is little.

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