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Oh yeah i'm a put it out there i do not think alexi sanchez brings anything to the manchester united squad that was not there when marcy al and rask for restarting yes he can play a beautiful ball yes he's quick his his dribbling is great he has some ribs but we are eight games deep i think it was eight hundred eighty eight minutes played he scored one goal no assists and he does not bring anything more to the squad somehow we have gotten worse with alexi sanchez in the squad and i i told you as i said that alexi is going to take away from rashed fridge development marsha them and jesse than guards development and i genuinely think that this transfer was mistake i know on a still probably these sold manchester nodded diehard fan who's going to say fuck it lexi sanchez but i'm saying it falk lexi sanchez he doesn't bring she to this team well yes as an arsenal fan of currently ask it it it's like finally a transfer from us to you that didn't work out so yeah i think sanchez has been kind of a pumori man like i've been like a you know expecting a whole lot more room and there's no he's not trying lease valley put us for effort like you're saying like you're just kinda seeing the same manchester united with them you're not seeing that jump right next level absolutely so for me i agree with you and i i don't think it's been shambolic like the word that we've been using were but iin the continued state of manchester not yet made manchester united better he hasn't jump them up into champions league contention league contention yeah you just have really see my much of a jump and it's kind of sad to say except with he's a great player in his one awards and like he's won trophies so he's not on horrible he's just not done great so what you expect for how much is being paid and it kinda goes back to plug but as well were.

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