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Are you going to be okay, James? You know what? I actually think it's good news for the Broncos. I think look, I don't think drew lock was going to have a great year for the Seahawks if he'd have been named the starter. But was there a part of me? Maybe I'm a little bit of a fatalist that looked at it and said, you know what? He's going to have one great game all year and it's going to be that night. He's going to come out and he's going to throw for 300 yards and three touchdowns and we're just going to have to deal with that. So the fact that that's not an option now, I think is good news for the Broncos. I think you know what you're going to get out of Geno Smith and I don't think there's any chance that Gino Smith is going to carve up the Broncos. So it's certainly good news for Denver heading into that game. It is the worst possible time for the Broncos to play Seattle. So it was any other week, but week one, that game would be easier, but the fact that it's Gino Smith is good news. And look, at this point, you know, it's a little bit like it was with Paxton, right? Like you can blame the situation here and I do think those criticisms of pat Shermer and Vic Fangio and sort of the situation in terms of developing the quarterback. I think those are fair of what went on in Denver. I don't think I don't think drew had everything go his direction, but at some point when you move on and you continue to fail, it becomes a you problem, not a situation problem and it's certainly looking more and more that way for drew lock his performance against the cowboys in the third preseason game. You can't defend that kind of thing. So he has nobody to blame but himself at this point. So we got this text and it says, why do you always baby James when he is wrong instead of making him accountable for his asinine cakes, make him eat crow like everyone else? He needs to know how dumb his passion for drew lock really is. So let's just put maybe the final word on drew lock is, is this it? Did he, he's had two opportunities to win a competition he's lost both. Is he now entering the world of career backup? Probably, but it's funny, Mike. I'm pigeonholed, is this true locks fan? Like all I've ever done is not pile on the guy, right? And said that, hey, I think he's got some talent. I don't think he was properly tutored and mentored by Vic Fangio and pat Shermer, two people who everybody in town ripped, so it's like, okay, well if Vic Fangio was a terrible head coach which he was and pat tremor is a terrible offensive coordinator which he was, it stands to reason that they weren't good for drew lock, which is the argument I've made. And I've always said that he was a better option than teddy Bridgewater. I'd rather go 5 and 12 with a young quarterback than this strive for 8 and 9. Maybe we can get to 9 and 8 with a mediocre quarterback that is taking you nowhere. It's an HOV lane to nowhere. So that was always my stance. I did think Seattle was smarter than that. It wouldn't go that direction, but the ability for NFL teams to continue to strive to get to mediocrity never ceases to amaze me and hear the Seahawks are doing it too. Like, what is the point of going with Geno Smith? Where are you going with Geno Smith? It may be 8 9, maybe 9 or 8 at best. So to me, it's a ceiling issue of drew lock, you're either gonna go 5 and 12, most likely, or he may turn out to be a good quarterback and you're a playoff caliber team. Maybe I don't think it's likely, but maybe, but at least there's an upside going with a quarterback like teddy Bridgewater, Gino Smith, Trevor Simeon, the guys that NFL head coaches continue to go with. It's mind boggling to me, but we're seeing it again in Seattle. So, you know, I guess like you need crow because of what? I didn't just pile on drew lock and say he's the worst quarterback of all time. I still think the kid has some talent, but at this point is he probably an NFL backup? Yeah, that's probably what he is. All right, we accept your apology, James. It was a lot of I doth protest too much right there. All right. Hey. Real quick. As they get the final cut down day, it feels like forever, two weeks before the first game kicks off, which is crazy to me. But as they get the final cut down day, you expect, is there anybody you're looking at like a surprise cut or anything that you think might go down that I'll say that surprise cut and who's your backup quarterback? Well, my backup quarterback will go to first order is Josh Jonathan. I thought, you know, Bret rippon played fine, but I don't think he did anything that made me say, oh, that's the guy I really want to go with if you have to go three or four games without Russell Wilson. So I would go Josh Johnson, I think he's a better, I think he's a better player. I think he just brings more to the table. He's more dynamic. He throws the ball downfield instead of short of the sticks all the time, so. But James Brett rippin is 26, Josh Johnson's 36. You gotta go with the younger guy. Nope, not a just not in this case. Not when it comes to the backup. I want a guy that can keep it on the tracks. I will say this in terms of surprise cut. And he didn't play in the finale. And Nathaniel and I could joked about it in his press conference afterward of. He's old, so we gave him the night off. But if preseason games mean anything, if they mean anything, McDonald regime should make the team. He was great on Saturday night, and we've never seen in a practice and a preseason game in a regular season game. That kind of performance from Mike Purcell. We just haven't. And I get it. He's played that regime was playing against backups, but he was really, really good on Saturday night. So going with youth over a veteran and going with a guy that's got more upside, if those games mean anything, if they're even paying attention to what they're watching on the field and on film. Kelvin regime should beat out someone like Mike Purcell, we'll see if something like that happens. But I think going into that game, maybe all 53 weren't set, but probably 48, 49 of them were. So I think he should make the team and I think Seth Williams should make it that play in the second half Kendall Hinton did. I think that's telling. So I think Seth Williams is going to win that final wide receiver spot. All right, James, always a good sport. We appreciate it. Thanks, man. All right, I appreciate it, guys. James marijuana Denver fan dot com courtesy of old Chicago pizza and cap room game day is at old Chicago speaking of mckelvin a gene. 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