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Off tonight forty percent rain chance tomorrow and a high of ninety eighty eight degrees right now IT newsradio WFLA a lawsuit accusing president trump of using the office for personal profit in violation of the constitution can proceed the second circuit court of appeals overturned a lower court ruling and reinstated the case against the president who must now defend against accusations he's unconstitutionally profiting off the presidency a divided three judge panel did not say whether it believes president trump violated the emoluments clause by serving domestic and foreign governments at its properties but instead said the plaintiffs who brought the case have the legal right to sue the emoluments clause of the constitution bars presidents from accepting gifts or money from foreign governments unless they receive congressional approval at the White House John decker fox news the trump administration rolled back rules requiring more energy efficient light bulbs the energy department says people should get to buy would have a ball they want the president says the more modern bulbs make him look orange the government does not but it does point out that the more expensive LED bowl still save you money in the long run by using less power and lasting far longer than incandescent bulbs the Polk County student faces a battery charge after a violent locker room attack against a twelve year old classmate Blake academy in Lakeland cellphone video of the slug fest has gone viral the school is suspended the attacker for ten days and like them police captain Steve Pacheco tells news channel late what comes next after the investigation sitting down with the parent one final decision is made on whether the students remains in the school or not and a plan will be developed to ensure the.

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