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In court instead year forced into a lets small room and if you have a gripe against your employer year forced the liddy gave that gripe alone even if the empty jar is doing the same thing to have thousands of other employees you don't have a right to represent anyone other than yourself and you go into a small room and you don't face a judge georgia you have litigate your dispute in front of a private individual presumably someone who is an expert in the area sometimes a lawyer sometimes not but in most cases that arbitrators paid by the employer in largely selected by the employed lease the arbitrators umbrella organization if selected by the employer and presumably the employer and the employee both have equal opportunity to select the arbitrator but the employee gene uh who's doing this alone is at one time player i shall they don't engage an arbitration suit as a regular practice they don't really know what they're doing necessarily even if there have the good fortune being represented by a lawyer the dow of control of the process and his ebony moore or it's happening it's it's becoming ubiquitous and the supreme court is now now addressing whether or not forced arbitrate gene boilerplate adhesion forced in closet or legal under the national labor relations act the nra app who prohibits employers from preventing employees from engaging in what's called concerted activity is working together for common caused by their common employer and the issue before the supreme court is whether the nlrb national labor relations board interpretation of the concert tv requirement is correct in what the nlrb held was that employers cannot force employees to give up their rights the suit collectively either in our preparation or in court our nfl all be i know there were emptied koa i made it finally only that nato you're right i i i'm not sure that all the seats have been field but i don't know for sure but in agony regardless of that is not going to be any friendly work upheaval on that block that's right in fact what has happened with the i think at least one person has been appointed what has happened is that the end league the the justice department has previously the during the obama administration portanda rvs position in june filed briefs even.

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