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We can do to drive these ratings straight down this just radio chop right here. That's that's a good idea on that. You're not all right. So we can talk a little bit about the vice president. The most interesting thing about him is not who he is. But who he might. Select. We hear He is in the process of narrowing down this list that he has been narrowing down for a while, down to three or four people, all of whom cannot be Vice president, So we're going to get to one. I don't know. I guess you might as well Keep narrowing this list for awhile because it's the only thing we're really paying attention to. CBS's Ed O'Keefe is reporting on the status of Ah, Joe Biden Search for a vice president as he continues his running mate. Search Joe Biden is said to be considering from a group of female governors, lawmakers and former Obama administration officials. Two contenders spoke out Sunday. Any one of the women's whose names have been mentioned to be being considered our fabulous women and well prepared to step up and do the job of vice president. Absolutely, I do feel that I could do the job as Biden reviews his options. CBS News analyst Robby Mook who had Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign, said the former vice president is likely trying to answer two main questions. Who do you think is prepared to be president of the United States? If something happens to you, but also who do you want to be your partner, you know, in the Westway and in the White House, Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was considered for v P by Al Gore, John Kerry and Barack Obama. I went through the process because it's an honor. He warned. The process, Khun Place a big burden on a contenders family, your life is going to change dramatically, but at the same time that you can possibly make a big Contribution to the country in 2008. Obama also considered former Kansas governor, Kathleen Sebelius, who recalled turning over reams of personal and financial information. To say it isn't fun is an understatement. Imagine an IRS audit it on top of a social odd and on top of a quizzing every in my place. Every vote I had taken civilians said she's especially eager to see who Biden chooses this year. Having designated a woman from the outset to be his running mate has created a whole new platform and I find that very exciting. So exactly so we find that very exciting. We find it more exciting than we find Joe Biden. Maybe what? What's your take? So far? I mean, let's let's before we get into sort of the larger issue. Do you have Ah, favorite amongst The least of publicly disclosed people and I'm assuming that's not that's all of them. No, I don't. I don't know where we've gotten disclosed. I don't Here's my biggest thing is I think you could fluff this part of it. I think he could blow this and the reason why is because the Democrats the Democrats are are always about. They're preoccupied with making history. Right. Let's make history. Let's go with the first black woman. Let's go with the first Asian manner. Are you kidding me? Right now? With what we're dealing with? What I need is a win. I don't need the person who can get things done right. So all of that. I think I really think They could be so preoccupied with the wrong things that I don't choose the wrong person. Yeah, I think that's a really good point it It's funny that you seized on something that I've been kind of feeling, and I hadn't really put any words to that. You feel like I don't know, like you're up 30 points, and it's the middle of the fourth quarter. And that isn't the point at which you should be relaxing. You know, high five and you're friends with me like we got a lead. We got a wide open layup, Whatever sports metaphor you want to use or whatever other sort of metaphor you want to use, And yet it feels like it is a nail biter You have and it may be. The Democrats didn't are not taking their opponents serious. I believe this. They've taken this wealth of riches. This 30 point lead. They believe they can not lose right And because of it, they didn't take their opponent serious and I can prove it. Alright. They chose the worst candidate ever to go against Donald Trump. This is the one guy I feel like Donald Trump is praying for a debate. Please let me debate this guy. I want to run circles around this guy in front of you and go. He's incompetent and poke 20 holes in him. I just think This is the wrong we've got the wrong candidate. He's the one guy who I could go. Oh, my God. He can fumble this yet. But let me let me push back a little bit. Okay? The so could it be that That the Democrats also thought and I'm not saying correctly. The thought that it's like people just want A little bit less chaos they just don't want. They don't even want to know that the president has a Twitter. You know that you don't think that's it? We'll go. We're gonna serve up safe and then safe is going to give us because I think you and I have talked about this. I mean, we're good. We're dealing with a one term president and we and we know full well that whoever's being selected as vice president really is who the Democrats are teeing up as their next. Presidential candidate after four years of Biden should bide win. So So Is it conceivable that the Democrats maybe made a good move and said, like, Look Okay, He's not. He's not great, and he doesn't really inspire you. But he also doesn't scare the You know what? Okay, So I think more precisely. I wouldn't say they chose safe. I think they chose establishment. But I think that's better put.

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