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Of stuff I need to see the basement under your basement to really see I got a friend of ours nobody's allowed over give us call six five one six four one one of seven one we love to play the culture pop culture knowledge with you call now one seven one everything entertainment thirty four years three thirty four years Rustad thirty two this is Jim hall of the valley the other day a friend asked me this car sales still full of job jumpers and I thought well maybe but certainly not in our view GNC stores Jerry Miller he keeps in twenty years Ricky one twenty seven the majority of our sales staff has been with us two decades or more where is proud of them as we are all the great new view exigencies date twenty five years Tim Connor twenty three years so if your last sales person the disappearing act or the dealer's website staff photos are just a bunch of gray boxes come see us value it GMC in apple valley experience the difference experience may just one twenty seventeen years discover plan do the Minneapolis home remodeling show Jerry twenty four to twenty six at U. S. bank stadium three days only to shop compare and save with hundreds of expert all under one roof urban from TLC's trading spaces plus learn how to make your home eco friendly sustainable alley kitchens and baths before him more don't miss the Minneapolis home remodeling show twenty four to twenty six buy tickets online is two dollars and Joe dot com J. F. masterly new year's resolutions don't have to be a pain when keeping that means you're also doing good with Y. W. C. A. Minneapolis every workout fuels their mission to eliminate racism and the power women every child care and youth program promotes equity and inclusion every include consultation support social justice with Y. W. C. A. Minneapolis you're making a difference just by walking in the door visit Y. W. C. A. M. P. L. S. dot org to learn more and don't forget our annual women's triathlon is in August so start training now having a hot flash you know what I'm talking about ladies what if instead of reading that word we embrace it it's the middle of winter we could all use the good kind of hot flash and that's what you'll feel when you walk into.

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