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But why our idea about growing your business rapidly was very simple let's being groups of people all day long instead of one person at a time and that way we thought we could build our business a lot quicker and uh it works and uh and the first year we ended up being number nine in the board became number one number one right after that so that let us that all that hard work during the day when kids are in school lead us to have a lotta evenings free and because the work that was being done with significant and it was how we were spending our time it wasn't more time it was how we were spending our time will you probably also had to say a really powerful to letter word a lot um called no which i think a lot of people struggle with because opportunities you're out there you were intentional you were working at eur forming relationships it's not like just because you in groups of people throughout the day while your kids were at school that a five or six o'clock people stopped asking you to do things talk to me about vat mindset because that's where people struggle it's true but it goes right back to the original comment about mindset now what your mind said about their their people there lovely deep warren people that may be need will help or just want to talk or whatever and all that lovely but i have a limited amount of time and i need suspended in the way that i can get what i want my wife's to be and you got a really good in kinshasa about that so to this day is very hard for people to get in front of me you know if you are i mean people would meet me and realize i'm growing business and you know they want to sell me i don't know you know couzy cups or you know promotional flyers or whatever people want to sell me stuff you start to succeed in business big or so you start a very simple answer come on the phone super league may i say no you can email me some information buksich bartica service if i mentioned at all follow up with the facts.

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