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NMLS Alrighty three thousand nine hundred one Spain had a record AB two point six million foreign tourists in two thousand eighteen according to Spanish government, figures industry, trade and tourism minister, raise Maroteaux says the figure shows Spain remains competitive as it battles to overtake France, the world's top destination in two thousand seventeen with almost eighty seven million arrivals. She says the number of visitors to Spain last year was up almost one percent and twenty seventeen and the visitors spent almost ninety billion euros or one hundred three billion US dollars up. Three point. One percent France hasn't yet published it's total for twenty eighteen. Some college students cramming for tests. But yet craving snack won't have too far to go AP's. Warren Levinson reports PepsiCo is putting your chips on wheel vending machines may be a pretty convenient way to get snacks. But you have to go where they are. And does anybody have changed enter PepsiCo and a robot company named Robbie starting today? They are experimenting with mobile snack machines summoned by smartphone app at the university of the Pacific in Stockton, California. Students will be able to meet the six wheeled three foot high eighty pound vendors to pick up potato chips sparkling water in the like at fifty locations around campus, the robots travel at up to six miles an hour in stop when someone steps in front of them. The partners are starting with three. They're hoping to upgrade to five. Warren Levinson, New York. A UN report says the world's thirst for fresh water is causing a salty problem. The study by researchers from Canada, the Netherlands and South Korea on deceleration plots around the world producing enough Brian waste to swamp an area the size of Florida with a foot of salty water every year. Researchers won't that much of the Brian is being dumped untreated into the sea and some is causing harm to see life because of toxic chemicals, the researchers called for better Brian management, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia which rely heavily on desalinate. They noted that studies have shown Brian can be used in equa cultures to boost yields of salt, tolerant species of fish and the metals and salts contained in it could be mind. AP radio news. Optima gohire. The nation honors Martin Luther King junior. That's a salad with parades in Los Angeles in Washington. Vice President Mike Pence was with President Trump when he laid out a wreath at the foot of the king memorial. Democrats running for the White House also active today New York Senator democratic candidate for president Kirsten gillibrand denouncing the president. Shows it to this country apart every line. Division every racial every religious you choose his community by community. Another democrat, California. Senator Kamala Harris announced her run for the party's twenty twenty nomination. She spoke out against the partial government shutdown and the effect. It's having on federal workers -pletely irresponsible. And those folks don't wanna wall they want a paycheck. This is day thirty one of the shutdown caused by the impasse. The President Trump's demand for border security funding and democratic congressional leaders saying he should agree to reopen. The government I nineteen year old man wounded in a shooting at a mall in Chicago suburb this evening Orland park. Deputy police chief Joseph Mitchell tells WLS his department and others in the area are searching for a suspect doing.

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