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Better teachers and travel? Laurie cry. Side of the on the side of. Laurie. Appropriate to get absent read that against the rules. Z D minus with a sad face. Some gonna go home and cry. No, I didn't learn how to spell Doug. But my teachers meaning gave me a d minus. I wish you'd been a teacher. I wish you. Daddy, who? Tf doesn't stand for what fun. No. What? We don't have fun is what the blank. Maybe. Swearing. Maybe the kid play drives, maybe the kid was so lazy, and he wrote in like three like I like. Washington. He was a good. And then they put it on, like ten pieces of paper and sailed it together. And it was like, really a total of twelve words that gets w Tf in my book, the position of responsibility fight fire with fire sometimes on I need to see this paper. Oh, god. No, I need to see it. I felt like I bet anything it was warranted. Ivette was I bet this student is just always the one that is lazy and his smart could do better easy, just cracked for a second with the teachers in trouble. Well, I hope they don't lose their damn javale. They're up against the school district. They're not. They can't fire someone for that. Somebody's having sensitive baby field. I started with I hope my parent wants to of course, it's appropriate. Okay, if you were Fanta pet cemetery. Did you like that movie? I didn't see the remake. But I love the book and I liked the first movie cheesy, you know, the tabby cat in the advocate Leo has died. Well, you know, well just bury in it'll come back. Cemetery. People like that remake, I don't know, came with other lively response on how to be in the world by lorry that was free to doing good. What's happening on the traffic?.

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