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'cause i was about to say is the sound out moment. It's awkward likes like mistake. But it's like the biggest criticism of these. Nfl boots are wall-to-wall talking. Yeah and so louis. Set on the zoom. He's like listen. I mean i could make up something build a time but a manufacturer so i don't have any great. There was kind of nice was kind of natural. It was kind of like you. Were acting game you know and so i think we have to get over how it feels or sounds like a mistake in the awkwardness. And you know what is pretty cool but serves nothing to say soy everything. There was a three yard run in the cloud of dust. Let's get the third down. No right now. I liked that. A lot You guys have seattle new orleans this coming monday and you will be in seattle for the crack first home game so now we go to your hockey so you have not. You've not done play by play for an nhl game since oh four. That sounds correct. Hr conference final of force. Seventeen years right. The world cup doesn't count right now no nhl. So will you be a little rusty on saturday. A little concerned a little concerned never done game with ray ferraro. I've known ray forever. I loved the guy. He's unbelievable landless while we didn't have any preseason games to you know to practice jeff define will produce much baseball jeff. Many years ago and dougie holds was the number one director way back. We had a package. You still might be the best director. Nhl television history. We'll be good. Listen this'll be a lot trickier if it was just another game but to me. This is more about the city of seattle state of washington. The brand new building in the first ever vet actually the first ever of is a cold played concert thing on friday night but date him play a preseason game there the cracking of not been on their home. Ice won't be until the morning skate. Deo their first ever game. So i think it's more about the event on this saturday night. More more than on the third. The checking lima third lineup of right. Oh so it'll be nuts. I think it's a friend's vivid. Steetch sense the most expensive. Nhl regular season tickets is like twenty ten So people are really excited and look. I got lucky it just worked out. We happen to be in seattle seahawks. Anyway take advantage of the schedule. And i'm excited about so you're gonna be doing studio mainly i guess and then you'll be doing select games and when that f..

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