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And one day ricky sheet page guy who cut me he we weren't as close at that rigging he got him a rocky he got me mic there it is he he text me and he goes hey danny daniels promoter wants to know if you're still going to be at the show and chicago which is a weird question like it's not like i cancelled or anything by mike yeah i'll be there and he said your team with coq obana and for a long time i'd gone to coach for advice just when i paid for a couple of note of camps at lovie w back in the day and like i've just outright him all the time online just trying to pick his brain right and so i thought like oh man this is a big opportunity random because i had never done anything more than a pre show and then ricky tells me oh it's for the tag team titles to i'm like this doesn't make any sense so i get there i see see 'em punk in a doorway and there was another guy next to him that i had an introduce myself to sell my oh man i gotta be slide out this so i shook hands with the guy in the doorway hey i'm greg and i turn so i can go hi i'm craig nice to meet you and he and i've never forget he looked at me to goes high with this look you know what i mean and i walked away and i walked up to ricky and i said ricky i weirs thing just happened i think punk i felt like he knew who i was and now i want to ask them for this advice and blah blah blah being cold call the match we do it co puts me over on the mike says all these cool things and it's like if you would ended there that's cool because i look up to colt so much and then he set off the mike stay in the ring so i was like okay and in my head i'm like oh man he's going to get him punk and i'm going to be in the background of this wb storyline he's gonna talk about the bell it's going to be sweet maybe so we'll know who i am right and so pump comes out ahead some towel in my hand i think it was called tau and i i don't even remember how it got there but i remember punk walked up to me shook my hand he goes he okay you're f an awesome and he didn't say that on the mike and so in my head i was like whole crap no one's ever going to believe that he said that's a me but i know he said it and that's pretty cool like the greatest wrestler in the world right now and then he got on the mike and he said blabbity blah pardon my language but you're f and often and i'm like whoa wait a second he just said that on the mike and i got that lump in my throat and i just broke down because it was it was an emotional moment for me as like because of what i went through in my life because of how struggling with my wrestling career like for me i would love to go to wrestlemainia right if you like that should be any wrestler stream i don't even know if like wrestlemainia top lake the feeling that i got that night because i didn't expect it punk just sit all these incredible things to me and it was just you know him and cabana putting me up on their shoulders like he's just felt like a dream right like i don't know if any in my in my career can ever top that because like for me it just transcend wrestling and i walked up to punk afterwards and i i guess i could talk to see 'em punk now and i remember josh prohibition was another guy that helped train me and punk is to go on the road with josh prohibition in ohio and he said oh josh's basically my brother and so i'm like oh so.

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