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Key there are couple situations besides Danced the vampires other music that he's done. These actually auditioned and done work for musicals that he just hasn't been hired for One big Example not that he wasn't hired but they were. They cancelled the musical. When things went awry was He was actually commissioned to write a batman. Musical i kid you not. This is a real thing. That was going to be a musical version of batman and he had grit hap- spiderman so it doesn't surprise me a whole lot. Well that's what that's what cancelled. It was the they. Were gonna play after mr mrs bruce. Get shot in the alley. It's possible that there is talk that the sun was going to go into the batman. Musical that flute does remind me of a song from another collaborator. And i had to double check. I was like wait a minute. He didn't compose. He did not compose near far wherever you are but that flute was like wait. It's not often you hear flute in a ballot where it becomes like the prevalent instrument in that song. I was like i had to double check. Sorry i had to double check the nice tender ballad. Not on my top ten. Not one that. I hear very often. I do know it just didn't crack up. It's a tough one. Because it's technically is off of bad idaho three but bat bat out of hell three was technically not him and jim steinman. It was him and Desmond child so It's not really an official back. A lot of people don't consider it a real bat outta hell album But the concern braver than you are. The new album just came out more in line at. That's the last chapter of the trilogy. So just just interesting stuff. Surprisingly enough there is one. Song are chris's number. Nine is actually my number nine so get out of two and it is an incorrect title. Because if you actually look at your car it does not say this. It's actually quite the opposite. But if that doesn't give you the preview of what we both picked for number nine. Yeah and this is another one of those like fourteen word song. titles that he likes to do do you want to introduce. just let play.

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