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Day one ziprecruiter sends your job to over a hundred of the web's leading job boards but they don't stop there they've got powerful matching technology ziprecruiter scans thousands of residents defined people with the right experience and invites them to apply plied directly to your job as applications come in ziprecruiter analyzes each one and spotlights the top candidates so you never miss a great match it's so affective that four out of five employers who post on ziprecruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the very first day and now my listeners can try ziprecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot com slash pmt that's ziprecruiter dot com slash pmt t ziprecruiter dot com slash pmt ziprecruiter is the smartest way the higher okay if you're listening right now and you have to work life fifth this is where you should stop because we've got more new stuff coming in some old stuff as well some some blakely year preview but to new mount rushmore so satellite now why don't we give him some recommendations for a podcast they tried justice once okay pardon my take the early years yeah listen to the two thousand are various fourth episode we should actually surgery rebrand like the year two thousand sixteen is the early teams are version one point oh yeah the underground tapes released we should start releasing unreleased stuff and not all be unreleased do we have anything that's just never been released a pudge rodriguez pudge rodriguez may be able to know what we should do is a candle variant again idea for danville syrian what we should do is well we can't actually obligated no no no us really done a million dollars sewers were saying yeah we should do that one we should find one person to buy it yeah like a really wanna get out of jail yeah so just like sell to one guy for fifty thousand dollars in debt the dental zarian interview in 'em all right so actually you should listen to this first mount rushmore then stop it because we're gonna do mount rushmore of songs of the summer songs best songs in the summer not songs of the summer yeah 'cause that's different there'll be like going year by year i have a couple of those some of those i'm garowe but these were like songs that sound better outside yeah sound better when you're drinking summers sound better when you don't have any respect ashley every song sounds better when you have a response that's why sunday night football jim it's so nice but it is specifically here here's how best explain there will not be any radio head on this mount rushmore yes that right there it's gonna it's gonna look at him in that a oh hey scott radio at a heck of a poll today 'em okay so let's hear them years eight issue though boys kenai and i address an issue before we start whereabouts due to mount rushmore we also are time traveling so we haven't taped monday show yet where were doing a mount rushmore wants to see order they were going to do monday show in and then what is the next to order so on monday show i went first i went first on the most so you know i went first on friday yes so i go first on monday show no and.

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