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Would be good but yeah lot of red snapper here yesterday morning there was not a breath of wind so calm and then the wind after the sun came up it got wind your neck yesterday which really wasn't supposed to happen this morning pardon me this morning I've got just the slightest wind out of our normal direction thank goodness will southeast and and again it's not supposed to blow today so that remains to be seen with a beautiful sunrise commences we'll see what happens no other company in something's come in the end because we've got chances of but now it's later in the weekend I think we got chances rain come and so we we got twenty Monday next week yeah yeah right next week we've got chances of rain here the youngest granddaughter coming in and you all please pray that the only she and I can be stuck in muscle house together for a week our civil we got to be able to go out and go fishing and do some things so overall hopefully that rain here it was twenty eight degrees at my place the other one is Tarpley holy cow of what's going on here got a wake up with the client heck did I leave the air conditioner on last month yeah it was it was mighty.

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