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On the Sunday. As did the Andre heimgartner and the Brad Jones car, loaded times and speed, they did have a small car on fuel I understand on the Saturday race, which dropped them four or 5 places. But overall, certainly has well justified in moving spread Jones, we will be doing well there. Back stones, they were another team that has had a big change with the return of Todd hazelwood and the move from by Jack lebrock, they rolled the dice on Jack on a Sunday, unfortunately he didn't pay off, and he got swarmed at the end, but it was a good showing anyway because of the wet weather dry weather changes. It was interesting to be in the sea, but I imagine that being there yourself was by better for Ukraine. No, it's always interesting to be at the track and to talk to people, get a raid on the lay of the land and as you heard from some of the people in the interviews today, they had a number of different stories to tell. What did you think Tony of Peter severus the boo? Weekend with the premier racing team. Look, it certainly they haven't lost any of the form because unfortunately they didn't have it. They did a competent job. And certainly they will improve. I'm certain as the year goes on because the various in his team and drag racing have certainly been very successful. I imagine the not for one second will they walk away from the challenge of getting their cars up to speed. You spoke to Peter he seems like a fairly determined man. Yes, and you could really take that away from the interview we heard. Other things of note in the weekend Craig, I thought it was terrific to see get a bit of a result with Lee. On the thumbnail race, they didn't go so well on Saturday with him. But I read all these good recovery. And I think that once they've got their chairs well and truly end of the table and their feet underneath the putting on better results of the years go on. Did you see anything much from them? I had a topsy turvy weekend and they were up and down for most of it. The interesting thing is what's going on in the. Legal stash between Triple H and David couch and whilst that's been clearly stated as a personal matter or a matter of four Karachi and Triple H, it does impact on the team and it has ramifications there. Speaking to Steve grove and you spoke to him at the test day, I spoke to him after Matt paine had got onto the podium in the super twos. Up in the super two pit area he was saying that whilst he's a busy man normally, he's going to be even more busy because he's been invited to join the board as an observer for the season. So the board consisting of backlight net folder who was at the event Marx gave John mcclellan Barry Rogers and Steve McCoy from henslow and then you've got Ryan more control and now Steven grove both looking as observers as team observers and I'm sure you would agree. That's a very sensible choice when you consider their backgrounds. Indeed and it's terrific to say they say a gentleman who I knew he of course and obviously into the whole new world because no longer to the teams own the championship. It's now owned by the race consortium, but both saving drive and Ryan walk and shore have very different business experience, but both can add an enormous amount and bring that perspective that the rest of the board will need to have a team perspective on G, we think this would be good if this happened and that happened. So I think it's terrific and I think it bodes well for a very strong year, but by crikey we're going to be having to make sure we watch every minute of it because it's all changing so rapidly. I thought as an opening round it was excellent, a very different one to 2021 or any previous years, but and boy those 300 days, races seem to pay their toll on quite a few of the drivers. Yeah, the drivers were playing down the distance to extent, but it was the further we've seen drivers go in a single car race, remembering that the other time there was a 300 K race, it was a dual driver race at the Gold Coast. So all of them seemed to handle it well I know there were some cool suit issues either they didn't wear a cool suit or they're cool suit clogged up, which didn't help their cause. And it was interesting because the cool suit wasn't there for the heat. It was there for the humidity. And drivers did say that the night race, although it wasn't raining, was quite difficult. One thing I think you can take out of this weekend tourney is you can definitely say supercars need to start with a bang. They need to start with a big event because it felt very flat and with the news of shame warns passing coming in Saturday morning. You weren't getting much traction on a Saturday on what your series was doing. Now, that doesn't happen every year. But what it has highlighted is you've got to start the year with a Big Bang. Indeed and it'll be only next weekend at the south Australian elections on the 19th of March and boy it will be a lot of people around the country hoping like held the party get back up in that light and the events back on because they have done a mini scheduler such to say that if the Labor Party gets in power in South Australia then the Adelaide 500 will be back on in 2022. Well, obviously that's dependent on a lot of little page bully in the right holes, but we'll watch that with interest. All in all, it was certainly worthwhile TV watching and the sad news is of course that those people who rely on free to air will be now saying goodbye for a few months because mine are in person, maybe other than will not be on air. It'll have to rely on a fox for a KO subscription to watch those events. But it'll be good to see anyway when it does return to freeway. And that takes a typical acid this week. 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