Michael, Brian Filmon, Vince discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard - Episode 68: IYH: Badd Blood 1997


Michael hey michael hazmat role worked his ask off in the stuff at the paper abuse but more importantly the event center things that he did he be made him all different he busted his ass in and out there selling tickets and i thought that was great role form personally vince then says the next match was supposed to be a broad helminen did love instead offered his condolences to the pill men family and next up wake yet uh a special attraction max many in nova baiting tarantula and mosaic uh when max pan tarantula and six minutes and forty three seconds burst this feels like a lastminute replacement match four brian filmon that accurate that is true so where do you get four hispanic minis at the very last minute in st louis uh mexican minis are us a k um doesn't everybody have four or five minis hanging around backstage alex look out foreign calls it right now but the my point exactly i knew that you would understand so you got to look around and gov many ono meaney boss meaney praise meaning block throw tag match a nova here is formerly mascarenas sagrada he's probably the more name recognizable and one of the mortality many's from this time would you agree with that yeah matt will uh max many was was the star max mit max many was the one that we wanted to make the star mid vince fell in love as such acts yield while a bastard uh.

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