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But then I read your introduction argument, you make here about the actual transmission is actually really compelling. And it was actually so compelling that I've completely changed my mind and accepted your argument at this point because it's really well made when you compare it with the text that's in Saul that we see here. Yeah. The the the argument is simply this that Masha all has nothing to do with book Aerostat all the the Rebecca original of this book of Aerostat will was not written by Masha Allah. He had nothing to do with it. It was written by an older astrologer that we believe lived in the six hundred's, maybe the end of the Sania empire. The Persians named all under cigar, and many people might have heard that name. Oh, unders gar without really having read much by him. 'cause allegedly not much exists. What I'm are. Arguing is that. No what I translated as the book of Aerostat oil that is by all under cigar. And one of the reasons I give lots of reasons in the book, and one of the reasons is that Saul in about eleven passages quotes all under cigar. And it is word for word from the book of Aristotle. So that in itself up ends claim that Pingree made from any decades. But it's also fascinating because it opens up a new window into what were the older Persians up to know, they up they must have had, you know, access to retorted us by other means a not from the office of Edessa. Yeah. An image. There's this whole rich history and tradition of astrology in Persia from the third century through the seventh or eighth century that we know so little about because so many of the Persian texts were lost. But now we see some of the traces of that coming through with works that actually may have survived but weren't recognized as such until until now. Yeah. Yeah. Until we had until someone would have translated this book of Saul's. No, one would have noticed the repeated references that all Andrea gar says this, and it straight up out of the straight up the book of Aerostat there is absent the thing is also that Saul is constantly quoting Masha, Allah..

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