Richard Cancer, Iraq, Iran discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Richard cancer to the U. S. airstrikes in Iraq that killed Iran's top general of touched off increasing security concerns in the U. S. in the coming weeks Americans may see heightened security at airports train stations and subways in terms of cyber concerns our sources are telling us that federal authorities have already been in contact with the energy sector as far as physical attacks here at home the focus is on potential Iranian government agents and proxies like his Bala there's also concern about home grown radicals who sympathize with the run who just want to take advantage of this tense moment ABC's Pierre Thomas Iran down its allies in Iraq's parliament passed a non binding resolution demanding all U. S. personnel leave that country president trump declared the U. S. is targeted fifty two Iranian sites including cultural sites should Iran make good on the retaliation threat ABC news national security and defence analyst make mall Roy former Deputy Assistant defense secretary says that could be considered a war crime so not only is it a legal but it does not meet the message that we've been trying to say which is that our conflict only with she in Kenya US service member into contractors were killed when al Shabab extremists overran the base used by U. S. counter terror forces five attackers killed several U. S. aircraft and ground vehicles were destroyed before the attack was repulsed Australia's prime minister is committing an additional two billion Australian dollars almost one and a half billion US to the fight against devastating wildfires the military is attempting to get food water and fuel to burn out communities prime minister Scott Morrison says teams arrived at an island wildlife refuge to help euthanize injured livestock and wildlife the critical issue going forward will be the disposal of carcasses which awfully presents very serious.

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