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So if you're looking at a Q led black level is good on accu- lead on old. Ed. It's perfect. So that's gonna get you really great color because the black level is so good. And then on LED is also good. So the winner in this category is led. Yeah. In that surprised me that black level for q lead in LED or the same both at good. But the act one of one of the things about Hewlett was it was supposed to be close to lead. So I would have expected based on the hype we heard about Q lead that culet would be good ole. It would be perfect, and maybe LED would be average. So maybe we needed a category. Like, it's actually gooder. Yeah. That or you would have expected to get a great instead of just a good right to actually better than LED. Oh, yeah. That's fine. Yes. Yes. So motion. Blur though, we do get that situation. Culet lead gets a great lead. Perfect again on motion blur. And then LED's in at a good. So QA does outperform LED in motion blur. But they still both get beat by Oleg with a perfect score. And then viewing angle both culet an LED or poor and Ola is great not perfect, but great color volume. Interesting one here q lead wins. It is the only one on the list with a great score. Oh lead is only good at color volume in LED is good at color volume. So lead in LED color gamut. Same score good culet winner. Greats and great uniformity culet and LED are both average and Oleg is good. So nothing is great there. But. The the best. We got his good. And for luminosity if you really most concerned about how bright the set can get you're just gonna go with LED. So the classic old school LED TV's are great Oleg and culet. Both just good that luminosity in an image retention great for Olenin culet and poor for Elliot led. So yeah, we kind of I think that's the curse of the plasma guests that ole. It has. Yeah. For sure and then price in availability culet scores a poor on price and availability. Oh lead scores average and LED. Of course is great. 'cause they're everywhere. And they're super good price. I'm surprised that Oleg scored average against the prices. Are we just talked about the prices coming down? So that's good. And then culet must get a poor. Because there's just so few models is just not a lot of availability, the price isn't bad. But there's just no availability. That's my guess too. But you know, what does that really mean if you if you're going to buy on Amazon, they're plenty available and. And the Costco's got Q leads as well. So I don't know about that. So it it's probably price. Maybe it's a maybe it's more of a selection versus availability. Like is not that you can't get issues that you only have an option of two choices versus five hundred choices. Right. Very very true. So if I look at this from a these points of view, these specifications all leads going to win, and then LED is going to be second and culet his third, but Culas are pretty darn good TV's. Would there be a scenario a near brain where you think I would buy culet over an old at an LED because I do x. I mean, the only category where the Q lead really wins color volume. So it's the, you know, how vibrant you want SU super surprises me still that it beats old Ed in color volume. But it's well the thing, but most of the cases when you when you actually calibrate your TV a lot of that brightness, you wanna get rid of it because it's not natural. It's more cartoony. So how much that really matters when you're watching a really calibrated TV. I'm not sure. Well, another thing is if you're a gamer, I think you want the culet because one there's it's great on the motion blur. And it doesn't have image retention. So you don't have to worry about having like controls up on the screen. I think if you watch a lot of sports a fast action sports is also probably something that might be good to look at movies. You're right the color. I don't know why..

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