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Dangerous phase in the Russian invasion of Ukraine is underway. People living in several occupied regions of Ukraine are voting on controversial referendums on whether to officially become part of Russia, but Russian president Putin mourned it'll give him justification for using nuclear weapons if those territories are attacked. President Biden says American women will show up on election day. Republicans have a clue about the power of American women. Let me tell you something. There are about to find out, speaking at a Democratic National Committee event, Biden hit the house Republican's new commitment to America plan, he said there's no mention of abortion, social security or Medicare. Tennis icon, Roger Federer's legendary career is officially over the 20 time Grand Slam champion lost in doubles with Rafael Nadal at the laver cup in London. The pair were taken down by Francis TFO and Jack sock after a furious final tie breaker. Former New Jersey governor and one time Trump loyalist Chris Christie is now taking shots at the former president. Lisa Taylor reports the New York Post reports at a gathering upstate Christie criticized Trump's recent comments about declassifying sensitive documents merely by thinking about them. He then asked the audience to imagine how much Christie himself might have accomplished if I only knew that I didn't actually have to do it. I just had to think about it. Christy also ribbed GOP Senate candidate mehmet Oz, saying he defends Doctor Oz because he's a longtime New Jersey and adding the problem is he's running in Pennsylvania. Alex Jones is expected to resume testifying next week in the damages phase of his defamation trial on Thursday, Joan sparred with the plaintiff's attorney in several heated exchanges. The judge has threatened to hold Jones and attorneys from both sides in contempt if they fail to conduct themselves properly. The InfoWars host talked with reporters outside the courtroom today, but didn't take the stand. I'm Brian shook. All 256 passengers aboard a Boeing 777 are safe after shocking video caught a shower of sparks coming from a United Airlines flight Wednesday. The flight departed Newark New Jersey and was bound for Brazil and moments after take off an airport employee on the ground noticed and recorded the scary display. New York health officials are linking four deaths at a Manhattan nursing home to legionnaires disease with a 5th death under investigation. Natalie migliori reports state officials say a total of 8 cases of the disease have been found at the Amsterdam nursing home in Washington heights. The first two nursing home patients with legionnaires was reported by Mount Sinai hospital on August 30th and another pair of these nursing home cases was recorded a week later. Legionnaires is a serious type of pneumonia caused by bacteria that grows in warm water. The state launched an investigation last week, saying it's working with the city and has ramped up surveillance efforts like water sampling. I Natalie. California is eliminating parking requirements near public transit, Jack cronin has more. California governor Gavin Newsom has signed assembly Bill 2097. Eliminating a requirement that all homes and businesses within a half mile of a transit stop have a certain number of parking spaces. It follows several major cities, including San Diego that already passed similar measures, the Sacramento bee says the new state law still allows developers to build parking, but it bans local jurisdictions from requiring it near public transit. There is an exception for areas that determine a lack of parking and prevent affordable housing from being built. I'm Jack cronin. The child's game of hopscotch has led to a new world record being set in Colorado, a team of three hoppers completed a course measuring 4.37 miles last weekend at chatfield state park south of Denver, a representative of Guinness World Records verified the group had set a new mark beating a 4.2 mile hopscotch course done in Atlanta. I'm

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