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To their homes at Agoura hills this morning, they of course, had been chased settles. Well, let's go there, and here's Greg Victor. They are returning to a gore hills here, and they could not be happier. You know, the all clear was given late last night. One guy was walking his dog this morning, and he he was out there with the dog walking by two of his neighbor's homes that did burned to the ground on Friday. There is absolutely nothing left or just piles of ashes and burned out rubble guy stayed through the whole time I live up on rolling ridge. And we had a fire truck in front of our place. Otherwise, probably are one of our houses would have burnt down because we have the fir-trees up there and those were gone up. But. They made sure that they didn't go to the neighborhood. Feel quiet. Very quiet. We had our the neighborhood to ourselves which was eerie to say the least just had a chance to look up here toward the one. Oh, one from the Ray is adobe road here. Westlake village south of the one on one if you get off there and try and go up to west village, they've got that road closed because the mandatory evacuation still in place a Westlake village. But then you can you can go north here to Agora hills and get back to where you were and for many people here it is a day of getting back to life as it was before the Wolsey fire live integral hills, Craig thickener Canucks, ten seventy NewsRadio for so many more. It's just going to be a long long time before life seems anything like normal again. And that's where the Red Cross comes in in terms of gathering donations financial donations a lot of that information and other resources on our website this morning..

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