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One of those start was a funnel. You. Listen, I I'm not the guy you're gonna bring in sit down on a cheer and kind of like, what would you here? But I'm not I'm not the guy that you can bring in setup, you know, intimate one on one, and that's not that's I don't wanna do that does not interest me. That's not using my skill set. Or I'm not fucking Dan rathers like that's not my thing. So when they put me in this situation bright away shout to Showtime for came in. We wanna do stuff different with you. So what do you think of double double decker bus where most people go? God. I don't know. Fuck. Yeah. It's gonna be fun completely fun. 'cause as a former fighter when you're doing those media days in your in. Everyone's it's a repetition get used to this kind of. It's a rhythm we're answering this, and this, you know, they're gonna ask this. So you're in this rhythm break that rhythm. Yeah. Get out of that. I love stuff that's boring to me. Yeah. Your your stuff with Lorenzo Larkin is probably my favorite things over media stuff like that just so different. And how great is Lorenzo. Larkin. Awesome to have you have you. When you watch the fighter usually he's all right? But then you watch those did he's cram g you got to get to break. These guys out of that that trance this morning to go through. Yeah. Just how do you feel about the fight? How do what do you think your opponent? How's the train and can't just this? And so they get this reviews robot answers. Yeah. But yeah, Laurenz Larkin is a good one, man. Yeah. Shut the Laurenz Larkin. We're balls Stevenson pasta. He's got a eight show. Nice sucks. Delicious meal or fear. I just don't we walked in. And then that Mexican s Jimmy just put the cameras I'm telling you, man, we're we're gonna get time. Then they might me up. And then it was just off to the races. Nothing planned if they go. Hey, brian. I want to talk about just. Fucking sour patch. Kids from next our the candy and my favorite candy. We're gonna talk about that. I have no agenda. Like Tito Ortiz comes in here today. I'm sure he wants to talk about chuckled outfight, Avs zero Jin if he came in here was I came out. We'll talk about punishment athletics, clothing and rebranding my clothing company. Let's do that man. I do not care. I do not care because what's going to get people to tune into your fight. Isn't you talking shit about your Ponant? It's going to be people can relate to in some facet of what you're going through your story. Your upbringing what you're doing with? Now, your stress your family, your father dads can relate to you. That way your kids something, you know. But as far as the axon those most people ninety nine percent people can't relate to that. But that's all people ask I don't get it. I don't get it. I guess so. There was some fights this weekend. You see Denver anniversary of UC twenty five twenty five lorries years to first fight was in nineteen Ninety-three my hometown Denver car out. And then went back there. They went back to I did do a fight companion with Eddie Bravo. Was there for half it, then you're gone? And Joe Rogan. I think it's so funny man whenever people complain, dude. You guys missed the main event on like we're there for three to four hours in drinking. And there's we'd like by the time we got event we don't give a shit. I mean, it's it's like if you tune in to get a real analyst breakdown from Joe Rogan myself in Eddie Bravo on the technicalities of the fight of what's going on. You haven't seen that show? So I don't know what you're expecting. We fuck up names. There's bro science during the main event we talked about bodybuilders asses for thirty minutes of it. We talked about body. I mean. Everything meant. But if you tune into that because you want to get some hot take on Jurani verse fucking hill Panin, that's not your. That's not it, man. This. That's not the show for you. It's three buddies three really good friends hanging out drinking smoking watching the whether it is the fights happened to be on it gives us an excuse to get together. And every now and then we'll check in like oh shit. There's the fights man..

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