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We have had hepatitis B vaccines available for a number of years, even decades, But the older vaccines were a little bit difficult to get through the entire syriza vaccination because they required Reshot given over six months so many people didn't complete that month. Fully protected. We now have a newer vaccine called helpless of B. This is a two dose vaccine that you finished within one month and then you're fully protected so that in of itself is a huge advancement. With his wife partnered with the makers of helpless of the Dyna Vac to raise awareness about hepatitis C and about vaccination. You might be wondering, Is this gonna cause me any side effects it can cause mild side effects. Arm soreness or fatigue or headache, but you wouldn't be expected to have any severe side effects and again the upside it protect yourself from a really dangerous virus, two shots within one month Yeah, I mean, absolutely. And that's what astonishes me because this question I want to make sure we got this in because it's really bugging me. Why hasn't hepatitis B already been eliminated if there's been a vaccine available for more than 40 years? I mean, not everyone can be a chicken like me. What gives? It's a great question and up Until recently, we haven't really focused on vaccinating the general population. We were focusing on the highest risk groups. So those having unprotected sex those using intravenous drugs those with HIV, those who are on Dialysis machines for kidney failure. Etcetera healthcare workers included there, but in reality, this type of virus will continue to circulate in the community, especially a virus like this. That may not cause any symptoms. Might spread from person to person with an England realized. So now we focus on vaccinating Children, and we also have the vaccine available to adults. Even if you don't necessarily fall in the what is considered a high risk population. You can go to your doctor and get back to me. So this because you're concerned about being exposed to the virus and what it may do to you if you develop chronic hepatitis C I love that now, when you're talking to people about this, and of course you're a doctor specializing in this. What do you find to be the biggest shocker to your patients when they're finding out about this when they're saying, Oh, my God, I had no idea that hepatitis B blank blank blank. What do you find it to be? The biggest surprises When you're educating people on this. I think a lot of people don't recognize that hepatitis B can stay in your body long term. Right, and that it is a major cause of cirrhosis, liver failure, liver cancer, the major cause of the need for liver transplant. And so I don't know that everyone appreciates how severe disease that can be, but hepatitis B very different type of buyer. Unbelievable. You got a lot of people out there. Where do we send them? For more information, Helpless have be calm for information about hepatitis C about how to protect yourself. And about the vaccine. Happy with them. Be excellent, doctor. Just shooting and I knew the time would.

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