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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Barbara Klein. More than sixty cases of the new corona virus are now being reported in the US and new infections by community transmission have been diagnosed in California Oregon and Washington State. Meanwhile China says its manufacturing activity plummeted this month. Npr's Emily Chang reports. It's a sign of just. How big an economic impact. The CONAN CORONA virus outbreak is having China's purchasing managers index or PM. I is compiled by the state. Statistics Agency and an industry body in measures overlook across China's manufacturing and service sectors today new data shows. Pmi dropping from January's fifty points to thirty five point seven points for February. The index is on a one hundred point scale so anything below fifty points means activity is contracting rather than expanding. China has implemented strict quarantine measures controlling movement and forbidding public gatherings to combat the outbreak. Those same measures have prevented millions of people from returning to work. A recent survey from Beijing based business school found forty five percent of Chinese firms. Surveyed had not been able to reopen yet Emily Fang. Npr News Beijing the US and the Taliban have signed a peace agreement. Most American and NATO forces will withdraw from Afghanistan within the next fourteen months and the Taliban have agreed not to harbour militants who threaten American security. The deal was signed today in Doha. And NPR's Diaa Hadid is there amid shouts of allow Akhbar or. God is Great. Your son voice on my hulls sign the four-page document alongside the chief negotiator Malaysian hunting but added in the agreement. The US says it will help. The Taliban be removed from sanctions lists. It will also help facilitate a prisoner exchange between the Taliban and the Afghan government provided the insurgents. Hold to the end of the deal. Meanwhile Afghans will decide their own future in negotiations between the Taliban and a government delegation. Turkey's president says his country's borders are now open to allow migrants to head to Europe. He's trying to Reggie type aired one says. Turkey cannot handle a new wave of migrants as airstrikes in neighboring Syria intensify. Npr's Peter Kenyon reports to order the country's border guards to stand down Friday and hundreds of migrants surge toward the Greek border air. Do on his continuing the practice Saturday as he calls on the European Union to uphold. Its End of two thousand sixteen deal with Turkey to stem the tide of refugees heading for Europe separately. Erdo on has also asked Russian leader Vladimir Putin to step aside in Syria to allow Turkish forces to deal with Syrian regime forces who attacked Turkish troops Friday killing thirty four and wounding dozens more aired. One says he told Putin in a phone call to let Turkey. Do what is necessary to deal with the Syrian military forces adding that Turkey will not immediately withdraw from Syria. Peter Kenyon NPR news. Istanbul this is NPR Hong Kong. Police are firing tear. Gas At anti-government protestors. The most violent clashes after a period of relative calm. Demonstrators are marking six months since police stormed a subway station and arrested pro. Democracy ralliers the man behind the popular grocery store chain trader. Joe's has died Joe. Colom was eighty nine as NPR's. Amy held reports his stores have devoted customers with a wide range of tastes. Yes behind those boxes of inexpensive internationally inspired bites. There was a real trader. Joe It was nineteen fifty eight in Pasadena California when Joe Colom a young Stanford Graduate Sawn Opportunity. He told perfect business. He decided to cater to an untapped demographic a more educated. American with an interest in travel erode the warriors of education. You have the more you drink. Two Buck Chuck was born stocked by clerks decked out in Hawaiian shirts to evoke images of the cell. See store took off expanding to hundreds of locations. Nationwide Colom Sole Trader Joe's to German retailer..

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